About Us

Thank you for visiting The Monitor Monitor, where we monitor the latest tech news regarding monitors, graphics cards, and other relevant computer peripherals.

This website was managed by Anthony who studied computer science at a post-secondary institution and now writes full-time as a tech news blogger.

He has an extensive background in the technology products field and is always willing to help fellow techies out by answering their questions, reviewing products they recommend, and by referring them to the best information sources.

TheMonitorMonitor.com was founded in 2016 and continues to serve the computer peripherals community by publishing accurate, honest, and authoritative information.

Update – From 2018 the site was acquired by Alony Media and has been managed by them ever since

About Alony Media

Alony Media is a Digital Publisher with several very popular brands in various niches. For each brand we have a dedicated team of writers who are experts at their field.

The team behind this site is no exception. They have a combined 10 year experience in the PC and monitors field. they often review, test and check the monitors they write about and do this with a passion.