How to Get Sound from a Monitor without Speakers. Detailed Tutorial

Depending on how you play audio to monitor, they come in two types: those with built-in and without speakers. Monitors with built-in speakers allow you to play audio without connecting external speakers. However, those without built-in speakers require a different speaker and connection setup. There are several ways to know how to get sound from a monitor without speakers.

If your monitor doesn’t have one, you should read this post, and I will discuss the alternatives to get your PC audio working.

You can quickly check the back of your monitor if it has an audio input port to verify if your computer has built-in speakers. Next, you must confirm whether the display has output ports for portable headphones or speakers without built-in audio.

Many brands like Dell are recognized for their audio. These ports have labels such as headphones, HDMI, or display ports.

How to enable built-in speakers

Make sure you have an audio interface mounted on the machine first. The majority of new motherboards come equipped with sound cards.

Right-click the machine tray’s volume key and click Playback Devices. Navigate down the list, right-click the Speakers button and pick it.

Set the display Speakers to default on the screen menu bar. If you have several connected audio devices like monitor speakers, headphones, or Bluetooth speakers, it is possible that your machine won’t be able to choose the correct speaker.

In this case, it is necessary to set the default speakers for the display—Click Setup and then press Test to test if the integrated speaker runs.

Things to consider with your monitor

The following tutorial will walk you through three techniques to activate sound via a monitor. You also need to ensure what connection setup it has if you have a display installed in speakers.

Display Port: VGA/DVI Audio Line In / HDMI. Connecting your monitor’s HDMI and Display port is accessible. However, you will need an extra 3.5mm audio wire with a VGA/DVI port.

How to Get Sound from a Monitor without Speakers

How to get sound from monitor without speakers

The method below tells you how to get sound from a monitor without speakers using an HDMI connection.

  • Using the HDMI connection

You have to see if there’s an updated sound driver for your machine. It’s much easier to allow wireless speakers by using the volume bar and testing the setup to perform and unlock built-in speakers.

Right-click the options to your external devices and select the sound console’s audio port wired via the HDMI channel.

For this process to be effective, you may need to get an HDMI splitter. Then, correctly connect all the wires and trigger the device’s sound.

Finally, you should reboot your machine and verify if the sound is coming after you have finished the setup. If you want to know another way, here’s how to get sound from a monitor without speakers using an audio output jack.

  • Using Audio Output Jack

You’re going to have to buy a stereo audio cable. Link the first part to your computer’s headphone jack and the second point to the speaker or audio system device.

To identify external speakers as your default analog outputs portion, accept the settings that we have previously mentioned.

Try to play some audio on your computer once you do that. When using the tool, you will certainly get an accurate and steady audio output from your monitor.

Of course, you should have an audio wire to do this, which you can conveniently obtain from an online shop or supermarket. But if this process also does not allow you to get a good quality sound, we still have one for you.

  • Using Audio Connector From Primary Devices

If you have a Playstation or XBOX that you’d like to test on your computer to get an audio signal, without attaching much to your monitor but the video signal, you could get the audio signal straight.

You get digital audio communication ports for stereo sounds in most game consoles, including PS4 and XBOX. So you can allow the use of it, making an integrated sound output for you would be a pretty good choice.

If it works perfectly, you can also try to use a 3.5 aux wire and pass it to your controller or another computer. Again, this approach will work; you don’t need to add anything to your monitor.

How to Get Sound from a Monitor without Speakers


  • Checking The Monitor’s Sound

Knowing how to get sound from a monitor without speakers, first check the monitor’s port. Next, you need to make sure that you select a particular speaker between the user-defined speaker and the outside speaker.

Again, it would be best for specific uses when checking for sound. Next, use the correct cable for the appropriate port to operate with the HDMI or DisplayPort.

You should allow Windows to fix the issues if you have tried all, but nothing happens. To use Windows to figure out how to solve sound issues, navigate from the Start menu to the Control Panel.

Next, press Troubleshoot and select Troubleshoot Audio Playback under Hardware and Sound. Login for the administrator will be needed at this stage.

Next, click the following button, and once the sound configuration wizard is launched, Windows can recognize the issues that can cause sound problems. So, in short, here are five ways to get sound from your monitor without speakers:

Using an HDMI audio extractor

Using an HDMI Audio extractor between the audio source, you can use an HDMI Audio extractor to get the sound outputs. However, this output can only be received when speakers have 3.5 mm jack support.

The HDMI ports support audio and video signals, so you can easily connect separately to the primary device and the speakers when you have an HDMI splitter.

Most impressively, when you know how to get sound from a monitor using an HDMI port, your speakers also get excellent audio quality. As a result, this setup will become ideal for gaming or streaming purposes.

How to enable audio output using the HDMI connection?

First, you must check whether your computer has an updated sound driver installed. Now, using the volume bar and going through the set we performed above to enable inbuilt speakers, you can easily allow external speakers.

Then, you have to right-click on your output devices and choose the audio output from your external speakers, which are connected through the HDMI connection.

To do this, you will have to get an HDMI splitter. Then, make sure to connect all the ports correctly and enable the sound from your computer.

Once you complete the setup, you can try to restart your computer and check if the sound is coming. We have listed another method below if you want to know another way to do it.



Using an audio connector from your primary device

If you have a PS4 or XBOX, which you want to try on your monitor and get a sound output, you can get the sound output directly without connecting anything to your monitor except the video signal. This is because you get an optical audio connection port in most gaming consoles like PS4 and XBOX.

So, if you can use it, it will be a pretty good option to have immersive sound output. You can try using a 3.5 aux cable and connecting it to your console or any other device to work correctly.

In most cases, this method will work, and you will never have to try connecting anything to your monitor.

Using the audio connection jack

Various monitor models have dedicated audio connection jacks for headphones. You will get these ports on popular monitor models from Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.

So, if you have this port in your monitor, you do not have to worry much about establishing an audio connection with your speakers. There is the simplest way to do it here. People also call them headphone jacks.

However, the various monitor has separate jacks to connect speakers and headphones simultaneously. So, whether you want to connect speakers to your monitor for any purpose, this process will help you with everything. You will be able to get an excellent audio output because no distortion and losses would be there.

Also, you can connect home theaters and any other speaker to your monitor almost effortlessly. So, this is another great answer to your question, “How to get monitor sound without internal speakers.”

How to set up speakers using an audio output jack?

First of all, you will have to purchase a stereo audio aux cable. Then, connect its first point to the audio jack of your computer and the second one to the speaker or home theater system.

Then, follow the earlier settings to confirm external speakers as your primary audio output section.

Once you have done that, try to play any audio in your system. Using this method, you will surely be able to get a precise and constant audio output from your monitor.

Of course, you need to have an audio cable that you can easily buy from an electronic store or online. But, if you cannot get a proper sound output from this method, too, we have another one for you.


Connecting speakers wirelessly

To get audio output from your computer, you must have a speaker with a wireless connection capability, i.e., Bluetooth. Then, you can purchase a USB to Bluetooth cable even if you do not have the Bluetooth feature in your computer or device like PS or XBOX.

This device will help you easily create a Bluetooth connection between your device and the wireless speaker. You can easily purchase these wires from an online or offline store.

Also, you can buy a good wireless speaker for you and get proper audio outputs for your gaming or any other activity. You will surely be able to get a fantastic experience if you own a good set of wireless speakers.

Most home theater systems will also support Bluetooth connection features so that you can use them too. In other words, it is a great and handy way to get sound from a monitor without speakers. However, the monitor will never be indulged in this process.

But, you can get your desired things done correctly, which is to get a proper sound output from your monitor, gaming console, or PC. This method is used by lots of gamers, streamers, and professionals. So, you can try it too to get everything done for you.

Connect the external speaker to PlayStation using AV Multi Port out

This is another fantastic thing to do if you want to connect your Playstation to an external speaker and get audio output from it.

Do not worry if your monitor has no built-in speaker or audio output function. This method will surely help you get the best results in a minute. But, to do it properly, you must have an AV multi-port out cable with you.

You can easily purchase one from an online store. Once this cable is in your hands, you can quickly establish an audio connection between your gaming console and the audio device.

It is another perfect way to get sound from a monitor without speakers if you have a PlayStation to play around with.

So, first of all, purchase a multi-port-out cable for you and then follow the procedure given below.

How to set up an audio connection between speakers and PS?

Connect its flat end to the console once you have the multi-port out cable with you. Then, its color code input plugs connect to your desired audio device. You can use it to communicate with a speaker or a complete home theater system.

Purchasing these wires is pretty easy online at minimal prices. However, make sure to buy a quality product to have the desired results. Also, make proper connections because the wires may come with multiple output ports.

Final Lines

Congratulations, you are the kind of person that looks for alternatives to do something. In technology, such as life itself, thinking outside the box and walking through different paths is essential.

Now you have several tools in case you don’t have speakers nearby.

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