Difference between Gaming Headset and Normal Headset

If you want to know the difference between a gaming headset and a normal headset, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are a gamer or a music lover, a headset can be a great companion. Now, you know that there are a variety of headsets and headphones out there. For instance, you might have heard of gaming headsets. Every hardcore gamer wants to own a gaming headset.

But are there any differences between a gaming headset and a normal one? Simply put, there are some key differences. We will be talking about those in this post. And, whether is it worth buying a gaming headset than a normal one? We will try to answer that as well.

So without spending more time, let’s get to it…

Gaming Headset vs. Normal Headset

In truth, both of these types of headsets work the same. That means they are used for listening to audio from a source device. But there are a few dissimilarities between them. In this section, we will talk about them in detail. So here we go…

Gaming Headset

Stated, a gaming headset is a normal headphone with a gamer-y vibe and a microphone. By the term ‘gamer-y vibe’, we wanted to mean the inclusion of aggressive designs, multi-color options, and RGB lighting.

You will not usually find RGB lighting on normal headsets. Whereas a high-quality and expensive gaming headset will come with RGB lighting features.

In some gaming headsets, you can even customize the lighting pattern or turn it on/off. Yes, we know that it does not help in gaming or doesn’t improve the audio quality. But for gamers, it is a trendy feature.

When it comes to design, gaming headsets tend to be bulky and bigger in size. They will have cushioned ear cups. As a result, it will not be uncomfortable gaming for long hours with a good quality gaming headset.

Remember, this aggressive design makes the gaming headsets a bit heavier and bigger. As a result, it is not easy to carry them around.

Next, gaming headsets will come with a built-in microphone. For some models, the microphone can be removed and reattached. While for others, the microphone can be moved out of the way. And you know how important communication is in gaming.

You can use the built-in mic for in-game chat. That microphone will also come in handy when you are using video chat software like Skype or Zoom.

On the contrary, you might be thinking of buying a separate microphone. It is a good idea. But why would you do that when you can get a headphone with a mic in the first place.

Of course, if you want the best audio quality of your speech or a streamer, it is viable to buy a separate mic. Still, nowadays, mics on good quality gaming headsets are so great that you can save some money not buying a 3rd party mic.

Another crucial feature of high-end gaming headsets is the surround sound technology. You know, in many games, you will need to know exactly from where the enemies are coming at you. And, you can learn more about your enemies’ position from the sound you hear in-game.

For that reason, a surround sound gaming headset could be a great addition to your collection. That way, you can get an exact idea about the positioning of the enemies.

For the record, there are two types of surround sound technology, which are virtual and real. In the Real surround sound system, there will be special hardware on the headset. This technology can produce more real-life-like sounds. However, gaming headsets with Real surround sound are pricey.

On the flip side, the software is used to produce virtual surround sound systems. As a result, those gaming headsets are affordable.

As gaming headsets are typical headphones, you can use them to listen to music. However, these headphones are not tuned perfectly for listening to music. As a result, the music listening experience on gaming headsets is not that good.

You can listen to music on them. But if you want the best experience, you should avoid them.

In summary, you can see that gaming headsets are perfect for use while playing games. But they are not up to the mark when it comes to listening to music. And, you know that it is not their main purpose as well.


  • It comes with a built-in microphone
  • It might feature surround sound
  • Rugged build quality
  • Could feature RGB lighting
  • It might feature surround sound


  • Not portable enough (bulky design)
  • Not great for listening to music

Normal Headset

Normal headsets don’t need any introduction. You have seen them everywhere. As a matter of fact, you might have one already.

We use normal headphones for listening to music all the time. Because they are designed specifically for this purpose, so, they are great for listening to music, watching movies, or just for general entertainment.

One thing you will notice is that the normal headsets don’t come with a built-in microphone. It is because these headphones are not designed for communication. To listen to music or watch a movie, you don’t need a microphone.

Difference between Gaming Headset and Normal Headset

This is a very vital difference between a gaming headset and a normal headset. Of course, there could be a few models that offer built-in microphones. But in general, most normal headsets don’t come with a microphone.

They also have comfortable ear cups. But these headphones are designed with a subtle theme. They are attractive but not aggressive. They are durable but not heavyweight. As a result, normal headsets are more portable compared to gaming headsets.

Unlike gaming headsets, they don’t have any RGB LED lighting. Most good quality normal headsets will come with noise cancellation features. There are some gaming headsets with noise cancellation as well. However, they tend to be a bit pricey.

Similarly, both gaming and normal headsets can come with wireless connectivity. However, wireless gaming headsets of good quality would be costly. At the same time, not all gamers like wireless headsets because of their high latency compared to their wired counterpart.

Normal headsets usually don’t support a 7:1 surround sound system. There are some normal headphones with surround sound systems. Once again, they are expensive.

Difference between Gaming Headset and Normal Headset

Additionally, there are tons of brands that make normal headphones. So they come with numerous features, available in different designs and price ranges as well. So, if you are an audiophile and want to choose a good headset from many options, then normal headsets will be the way to go for you.

You can see that normal headsets and gaming headsets differ in a few aspects, such as portability, variations, microphone, design, and sound quality.


  • Excellent music listening experience
  • It comes with a low-key design
  • Very much portable
  • Available from various brands, prices, and designs


  • It might not come with a microphone
  • If there is a mic, the quality would not be up to the mark
  • Less expensive ones could have a durability issue

Should You Buy A Gaming Headset or a Normal One?

This is a very tricky question to answer. Why? Because it all depends on the user’s preference and the requirements of the user.

For example, let’s say you are a hardcore gamer, then you can undoubtedly go with a gaming headset. The built-in mic and the surround sound feature will help you a lot while gaming.

On the contrary, if you are a music lover and will not use the headphone to communicate, you can go for a normal headset.

Difference between Gaming Headset and Normal Headset

Obviously, you can use a normal headset for gaming as well if it has a built-in microphone. Even a normal headset without a mic also works for gaming. But you will not be able to communicate while gaming. In many games, this is not necessary.

Similarly, you can also use a gaming headset for listening to music. But it will not be the best experience sonically. You can definitely use 3rd party software or adjust the equalizer to improve the audio quality while listening to music using your gaming headset.

Concluding Thoughts

The primary purpose of a headphone is to listen to the audio signal. And, it might be simple and enough for a lot of general users.

However, when it comes to audiophiles and gamers, they tend to notice all the ins and outs of headsets. As a result, manufacturers have produced various types of headsets for different purposes.

In this post, we have explained the main distinctions between a gaming headset and a normal headset. We hope this post has cleared your confusion on this topic. Now that you know the difference between gaming and normal headsets, which one are you going to choose?

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