What Size Monitor Does MLG Use? Pro Gamers Monitor Preference

Many gamers want to know – what size monitor does MLG use. MLG or Major League Gaming Corp. doesn’t need an official introduction.

You know they are one of the biggest – if not the biggest – professional eSports organization in the world. The organization was founded back in 2002. Since then, they have been organizing eSports video game competitions in the USA and Canada.

What Size Monitor Does MLG Use

Nowadays, they are one of the most popular names in the eSports history. In fact, Activision Blizzard has acquired MLG for about 46 million USD back in 2016 because of their popularity. Now, many of you were asking about the monitor size they use usually on professional tournaments. Lucky for you, the wait is over. Because we will be clarifying all of your confusion in this post.

So, let’s get started…

What Size Monitor Does MLG Use?

In short, MLG uses 24 inch monitors in most of their professional eSports tournaments. So, you have got your answer. However, there is more to it.

You might want to know the reasons for using a 24-inch monitor. Also, depending on the type of game, they sometimes also use a 27 inch monitor. But in most cases, we have seen MLG use 24 inches monitors in the video game competitions.

Why eSports Tournaments Use 24 inch Monitors?

Now, in this section, we will be talking about the reasons behind using a 24 inches display by MLG. Matter of fact, if you want to be a participant in such eSports tournaments, you can start to practice on a 24 inch monitor. You might be thinking that using a bigger screen than a 24 inch screen would be better for gamers.

What Size Monitor Does MLG Use

However, it is not the case in all cases. Yes, a bigger screen would look good. However, it will not be optimum for playing competitive video games. Why? Let’s learn more about this topic down below.

Reducing Head Movements

First of all, you can understand that the smaller the screen the less you will have to move your head. But that doesn’t mean that you should play on a 14 inch screen.

The screen size should not be too small or too big. If it is too small, the pictures will not be detailed. On the other hand, the bigger screen might show a more detailed picture. But it will not be comfortable for gaming for a long time.

In competitive gaming, every second matter. So, if you are using a smaller monitor your head movement will be less as well. Let’s say you are playing a game on a bigger display and you want to look at the score or the map on the corner of the screen.

While you are doing that, you will not be able to keep your attention to the center of the screen or even at the other corner of the screen as this is a bigger display.

In the meantime, anything significant can happen in the game. So, on a bigger screen, you will have to move your head. But on a smaller screen, you can simply move your eyes and you will be good to go.

This difference might help you win in a competitive gaming competition. In short, a 24 inch monitor is the ideal screen size for gaming competitively without much head movement.

Same Standard for Everyone

If you have been watching professional eSports competitions, you will notice that all of the gamers play with the same size monitor. And, interestingly, in most pro gaming tournaments, they set 24 inch monitor as the standard option.

You might have the best set up at home. But it doesn’t matter. Because other participants might not have a set up like yours. So, in the competition, the organizers will set the standard of the size, resolution, and refresh rate of the monitor. That way, everybody has a level playing field.

What Size Monitor Does MLG Use


Because of that, every pro gamers can start practicing on a 24 inch monitor from the beginning. Thus, it will not happen that you have played in a 32 inch high resolution monitor at home.

And, now you arrived at the tournament and notice that everybody is using a 24 inch monitor. No surprise there. Because of that, most MLG tournaments use 24 inch monitor as a standard.

They can Achieve High Refresh Rates

A high refresh rate is very crucial for gamers. It doesn’t matter how big your monitor is or how high resolution it has. But for competitive gaming, you will need a higher refresh rate as well.

Now, what does it mean by refresh rate? If you are a gamer, you already know that refresh rate refers to the number of times a monitor can show new images in a single second.

For example, a 60 Hz monitor can show 60 images per second. The higher the refresh rate the better. In this case, if your monitor has a 120 Hz refresh rate, then it will be able to update new images 120 times every second.

So, you can understand that if the refresh rate is high, then the image will be smoother to our eyes. And, when you see everything smoothly and faster, then you will also be able to react to it faster as well.

Now, monitors are available with different refresh rate metrics. Matter of fact, nowadays, you can even find monitors with 360 Hz refresh rate. However, to run that monitor to its full glory, you will also need a powerful graphics card.

Similarly, if you want to run 120 Hz or 240 Hz in a bigger display with a higher resolution, it will be hard for a medium-range GPU. In these cases, you will need very powerful GPUs. But it is not ideal for a gaming competition.

Rather, it would be better if the gamers can play with a monitor with a higher refresh rate and on full resolution. As a result, on most pro video gaming competitions, the standard is set at 24 inch monitor, 120/144 Hz refresh rate, and 1080p screen resolution. That way, a decent GPU will be able to handle any games.

Also, it will be optimum for gamers to offer their best while gaming. And, there are a lot of 24 inch monitors, 120 or 144 Hz refresh rate, and 1080p screen resolution at a very reasonable price range. So, it is a very wise decision to play eSports games on a 24 inch monitor as it doesn’t require much GPU power.

Comfortable for Eye Movement

You know humans don’t have great peripheral vision. We can mostly concentrate on a very small area in front of us. Don’t believe us? Then, look at the top of the screen while you are reading this post, and now try to read a line of this article from the bottom of the screen. Is it possible? No, you will have to move your eyes to the bottom to get a clear view of the line at the bottom of the screen.

What Size Monitor Does MLG Use

That means our eyes cannot focus on a larger area. Thus, if you have a very large monitor, you will face difficulties looking at every corner of the screen. It will be hard for you to figure out what is happening in the game.

Yes, you can move your eyes to look at the other corner. But it will take a bit of time. And that split second can be a difference between life and death in competitive gaming. So, for the comfort of the eyes, a 24-inch monitor would be a great option.

Which Monitor Does MLG Use?

Now that you know the size of the monitor used by MLG and the reasons behind it. Let’s know about the particular monitors they use in their competition.

From BenQ:

Back in 2017, MLG actually got BenQ as their sponsor. And, the BenQ ZOWIE series was the official gaming monitor sponsor of MLG. The brand ‘ZOWIE’ was founded back in 2008 with the goal of offering the best competitive gaming gear available out there.

However, they were acquired by the famous brand BenQ back in 2015. Since then BenQ has started to release high-end monitors and other competitive gaming peripherals from their BenQ ZOWIE brand. Now, let’s what are the most common monitors used by MLG from BenQ ZOWIE.

BenQ ZOWIE Series

At the moment of writing this post, BenQ ZOWIE offers eSports gaming monitor in 3 different series. These are XL-K, RL, and XL series. Now, the XL-K and the XL series monitors are geared towards PC eSports competition.

Whereas, the RL series monitors are intended for console gaming. The XL-K series has only 24 inches monitors. While the RL and XL series offers both 24 and 27 inch display.

Among them, most gaming organizations like MLG use the 24 inch monitors. However, in some games, they also use 27 inch monitors.

The BenQ ZOWIE XL-K Series

This series has 3 different monitors of 24 and 24.5 inches screen. Among them, the 24 inch one is the XL2411K. It has DyAc 1 ms response time, 144 Hz refresh rate, and other attractive features.

On the other side, both the XL2540K and XL2546K come with 24.5 inches of screen size. They both have only a 0.5 ms response time and a very fast refresh rate. All of these monitors have a 1080p resolution.

The BenQ ZOWIE XL Series

This series also has some monitors ranging from 24 inch to 27 inch screen. Most of them come with a 0.5 ms response time. Also, they have a very higher refresh rate. One of the 27 inch monitors (that is the XL2746S) has a 240 Hz refresh rate. All these monitors are recommended for PC eSports.

The BenQ ZOWIE RL Series

As we have already mentioned, the RL series is geared towards console eSports gaming. This series also offer both 24 and 27 inch monitors. All of these monitors come with lag-free functionality. Matter of fact, the RL2755 comes with only 1 ms of response time. For professional console gamers, these monitors would be the best options out there.

From Asus:

We have also noticed that MLG used monitors from Asus as well. In a few of their gaming competitions, they went with the ASUS VG series monitors. And, you can guess that the monitors that were chosen for the competitions were mostly 24 inches.

What Size Monitor Does MLG Use

Albeit, there were some 27 inches monitors used in some particular competitions as well. However, those 27 inch monitors were not selected for FPS or multiplayer battle royale games. Those were mostly for sports and racing games.


The Asus VG248QE was one of the most used monitors by MLG in their eSports gaming competitions. This one also has a 1080p resolution and 350 nits of peak brightness. But the reason it was chosen by MLG frequently was the 1 ms response time and up to 144 Hz refresh rate.

One thing to note that, most eSports gaming monitors tend to be pricey compared to conventional monitors of the same size.

Last Words

So, if you are still with us, then you know the size of the screen of the monitors used by MLG. You can see that depending on the type of games, the size of the monitor differs a bit.

However, in most of the cases, they have chosen 24 inch monitors. And, there are no gaming competitions hosted by MLG that have used monitors larger than 27 inches up until now.

We don’t know about the future. Maybe they would change the rules and regulations if there are monitors with a higher refresh rate and lower response time with a larger screen.

But from the above discussion, you have seen that 24 inch would be the sweet spot for competitive eSports gaming competitions. So, MLG still uses 24 inches monitors frequently on the video tournaments.

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