BenQ gl2760h 27-inch HDMI led-lit Monitor Review

There is a wide range of monitors on offer and buying the ideal model requires detailed knowledge of features depending on your needs, budget, or use. So let me tell you that The BenQ gl2760h 27-inch HDMI led-lit monitor will surprise you.

We know the industry offers all-terrain models that can be adapted to any computer user without so much specialization. However, today we will review the BenQ gl2760h 27-inch HDMI led-lit monitor.

But first, I’ll give you a guide for you to know what you should be aware of before an investment that you will surely keep for a few years before renewing it again.

BenQ gl2760h 27-inch HDMI led-lit monitor review
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Monitors: Main Characteristics To Be Assessed

The Monitor Sizes

It is probably one of the first aspects to define before the purchase.

The size of the screen depends on two factors: the space available on the table and the distance you sit from the screen.

For example, if the screen is going to be barely 16 inches away from you, it is not advisable to buy a 32-inch monitor because you will have to turn your head to see the parts of the screen. You will not have a panoramic view of everything that is happening. Plus, you could end up with neck pain.

The size of monitors starts at 14-15 inches offered by portable monitors and goes up to 65 inches for the new “Big Screen” models, which are exclusive for gaming and look more like televisions than monitors.

A larger size will generally offer us a wider field of visualization and productivity by having more elements on a screen if combined with a higher resolution. It is essential to strike a balance here. A 40-inch monitor with low resolution will be too pixelated, while a 21-inch model with 4K will be too pixelated, while a 21-inch model with 4K will be too pixelated.

So, the ideal size of the monitor you should buy would be – approximately – in this way depending on the distance at which you sit from it:

  • Distance of fewer than 11 inches: maximum 17 inches.
  • Distance between 15 and 20 cm: between 19 and 21 inches.
  • Distance between 20 and 24 cm: between 21 and 24 inches.
  • Distance between 24 and 27 cm: between 22 and 27 inches, maximum 29 inches UltraWide.
  • Distance between 27 and 31 cm: between 24 and 32 inches, maximum 34 inches UltraWide.
  • Distance between 35 and 39 cm: between 27 and 35 inches.
  • More than 1-meter distance: from 32 inches and up.
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The Screen Resolution

It is the number of pixels that can be displayed on the screen, and we will see it as the maximum screen resolution. In monitors, we should discard anything below Full HD.

From there, we will find commercial designations such as 2K, 4K, 5K, 6K, and even the 8K that are making limited inroads and offer impressive resolutions up to 7680 × 4800 pixels or WHUXGA. In this regard, these are some recommendations:

  • Full HD resolution (the minimum today): gaming with normal graphics, work, entertainment.
  • 1440p resolution: gaming with powerful graphics, graphic design.
  • 4K resolution: gaming with top-of-the-line graphics, graphic design, CAD applications, entertainment.
BenQ gl2760h 27-inch HDMI led-lit monitor review
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Technical Characteristics: Brightness, Contrast, And Viewing Angles.

The technical characteristics of the screens themselves are other parameters to be assessed. Each of them is important depending on the type of use.

  • The brightness level: do not buy anything below 250 nits.
  • The static contrast ratio: minimum 850: 1
  • The Viewing angles: 176 degrees or higher.

The Response Time

Monitors are always advertised with a certain response time, which as a rule is usually between 5 and 1 ms.
You can play perfectly well with monitors with 5 ms or more response time without problems.

But if you are going to buy a monitor specifically for gaming, we recommend that you look for response times of 1 ms, not only because of the response time itself but because they will be monitors specifically designed for gaming.

If you want a monitor more for multimedia entertainment or work, then this is not a parameter you should worry about. Professional monitors from Dell or EIZO have response times of up to 12 ms.

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The Refresh Rate

A key value is the refresh rate, referring to the ability to display images across a screen in one second and which you will see highlighted in Hertz (Hz).In general, the higher the number, the better. The standard is 60 Hz, but we can

find monitors up to 240 Hz – specifically designed – for gaming. Again, it depends on what you are going to use the monitor for, but if it is for gaming, you may be interested in a monitor with a higher refresh rate, from 144 Hz.

However, keep in mind that you need your graphics card to achieve the equivalent FPS to match the refresh rate and avoid tearing.

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Eye Protection

Many modern monitors have different technologies that help to preserve eye health, something very important so that health does not suffer, especially if you intend to use the monitor for many hours a day. There are two main technologies:

  • Flicker-Free: this is an anti-flicker technology that prevents the eyes from being damaged by the scanning frequency of the screen.
  • Low Blue Light: blue light radiation is harmful to the eyes and can have very negative consequences. Monitors with this technology reduce this emission so that it does not affect the eyes as much.
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The BenQ gl2760h 27-inch HDMI led-lit monitor review

BenQ offers a wide variety of monitors for different purposes. BenQ monitors feature resolutions from FHD to 4K to achieve the best image quality.

The IPS or LCD panels are perfect for professionals in Graphic Arts, Design, and Photography – as well as for passionate Gamers – looking for the best experience and fluidity during the game.

Now, let’s start with the BenQ gl2760h 27-inch HDMI led-lit monitor review.


  • 27 Inches Screen.
  • 1920×1080 resolution.
  • TN Panel.
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio.
  • 60Hz.
  • 2ms Response Time.
  • Ports: HDMI, DVI, VGA.
  • Other Ports: 2x USB2.0, Audio Line-Out.
  • Brightness: 300cd/m2.
  • Dynamic Contrast: 12,000,000:1.
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.311 mm.


We already talked about how important eye health is when it comes to monitors. Well, your eyes will thank you for using the BENQ GL2760H as this monitor features Flicker-Free technology, i.e., it offers an ultra-high contrast ratio, resulting in clear and sharp images and movements which helps with eye care.

The internal audio works well, and the 2MS response time is fast and functional. In addition, the display offers fast pixel response and virtually no lag, making it a good gaming monitor. The display is aesthetically a more pleasing experience overall.

BenQ gl2760h 27-inch HDMI led-lit monitor review
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The connectivity is flexible, which means it has no problem adapting to all types of laptops such as PC, Mac, or any system that uses HDMI connections. BenQ GL2760H comes with VGA, HDMI, and DVI connections.
You will also have access to the two convenient USB2.0 ports as well as an audio line-out jack.

BenQ gl2760h 27-inch HDMI led-lit monitor review
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There are five function buttons and a Power button located behind the right-hand bezel. Pressing any button activates on-screen menus with labels that tell you what each button does.

The uppermost button is a Hot Key used to adjust BenQ’s Low Blue Light feature. The Menu button takes you to the various picture setting sub-menus where you can adjust Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Gamma, and Color Temperature settings. You can adjust Hue, Saturation, Display Mode (aspect ratio), and Dynamic Contrast settings, and you can select one of eight picture presets, including Standard, Low Blue Light, Movie, Game, Photo, sRGB, Eco, and User modes.

BenQ covers the GL2760H with a three-year warranty on parts, labor, and backlight. The monitor comes with a VGA cable and a resource CD containing a user guide and drivers.

BenQ gl2760h 27-inch HDMI led-lit monitor review
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The monitor offers fast response time, low input lag, and all at an affordable price. There are more than enough features to justify the cost, enough to make it more than just an everyday monitor.

For gaming or work, you could pretty much use this for anything, making it an easy choice for screens of the size. Like we already said, thanks to the flicker technology, you might be saving money by not requiring an eye doctor!

BenQ gl2760h 27-inch HDMI led-lit monitor review
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Final Lines

If you want something that compares to the best 27-inch monitor, for everyday use, but can also hold its own when it comes to being a quality gaming monitor, then you may want to go for this full HD BENQ GL2760H.

Offering a fast response time and a flicker-free technology, you can rest assured your eyes will need no time to adjust to the screen. You will feel comfort from all viewing angles, allowing extended periods of casual use.

Needless to say, even if this is one of the best monitors available in the market right now, you’ll have to assess it according to your particular needs, your aspirations, your budget, and all the little tips we just gave you in this article.

Maybe you can find cheaper or simpler alternatives in the market, or maybe you want to have nothing but the creme of the crop when it comes to technology and size. But if you’re looking for a very good monitor that’ll also be friendly to your eyes, then look no further.

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