Best 27-inch Monitor

Technology keeps evolving and this is more evident in the display technology. There are so many different types of monitors that have come into existence in the recent past. While the technology is advancing, the introduction of larger monitors has also been on the rise. There has been an increased demand in the 27 inch monitors due to the amazing features that they have to offer. With a larger display, you will also get to enjoy a higher resolution and this can be a great platform for professional tasks as well as entertainment. With a large screen, even gaming becomes easier and more entertaining. Whether you need a gaming monitor, photo editing, projection and other professional tasks, you will definitely find a 27 inch screen that is suitable for your needs. Even for those who need a typical monitor for daily use the 27 inch screen, will serve the purpose. There are so many models and brands on the market and this might be a challenge for most first timers. In this article, we will look at the various aspects that you should focus on so as to find the best 27 inch monitor. Besides the price, there are so many other factors that you should put into consideration when shopping for a monitor.

Main Benefits

There are so many benefits that are associated with 27 inch monitors. When you find the right monitor, here are some of the benefits that you can expect to get:

  • They are slimmer and have very thin bezels, which gives you a wider display area. The sleek design, gives them an elegant look.
  • With the thin bezels and borderless frames, it becomes easy to set up a video wall, setting the monitors side by side.
  • The 27 inch monitors have extensive and advanced features and this will give you much functionality than the conventional monitors.
  • You would hardly strain your neck, back or eyes when using these screens since they come with adjustable stands. This allows you to tilt, rotate, pivot and swivel the monitor to your desired angle. You will also have the liberty to adjust the height of the monitor to give you the perfect working angle.
  • The monitors will ordinarily come with a higher resolution and a fast response rate. This makes gaming and other professional tasks like video editing seamless.

Who Needs 27 Inch Monitors?

No one would mind having all the amazing features that the 27 inch monitors possess. However, there are those who will find these monitors more useful than others. For the avid gamers, having a wider display would make the gaming experience more entertaining. There are those who have presentations as part of their profession and this would be an ideal size for such functions. Graphic designers, photographers and video editors will find these monitors quite useful. This is due to the high resolution and the clarity that the screens have. With the numerous models in the market, everyone will find a 27 inch monitor that will serve their needs in the best way possible.


The 27 inch monitors have some setbacks that you should be aware of. However, there are so many different models on the market and as such the disadvantages are not homogenous to all brands. You need to evaluate each 27 inch monitor and settle for the one with the least disadvantages. Here are some of the main cons:

  • In some instances, you will find the image being stretched on the 27 inch monitor, which affects the gaming rig.
  • The price is quite high, which seems to be a limitation for those who cannot afford it.
  • Due to the large size, some of the stands on these monitors are not firm and tend to wobble, after a while.

Over and above, the benefits that you will draw from the 27 inch monitors. As mentioned above, the different brands and models will carry varied pros and cons. With this guide, you will be able to find the best 27 inch monitor.


As your guide to shopping for the 27 inch monitor, here are some of the features that you should look out for:

  • Display: The quality of display is one of the essential features to look out for when shopping for these screens.
  • Resolution: This is the number of pixels that make up an image. With a higher resolution, you will get more clarity and sharper images. Most wide screens will have a resolution of 1600 x 900, which translates to an aspect ratio of 16:9. The higher resolution is ideal for graphics and photos.
  • Response Time: If you are looking for gaming monitor, you should get a monitor with a fast response time. This refers to the time it takes a screen to respond to scene transition.
  • Connectors: With the advance in technology in most devices, you should look for a screen that has the modern connection options. Some of the choices include DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and DVI among others.

Top Manufactures of 27 inch Monitors

  • AOC
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • BenQ
  • Dell
  • HP
  • LG
  • Lenovo
  • NEC
  • Planar
  • Samsung
  • ViewSonic

Review of Best 27 inch Monitors

Here are some of the best 27 inch monitors that we reviewed. We have covered different brands with the hope that it can help you to find the ideal monitor.


ASUS PB278Q is an LED monitor with a resolution of 25560 x 1440. This WHQD monitor offers a pixel resolution that is four times the ordinary HD resolution. This will give you crisp and sharp images for your videos and your game content. It comes with versatile features and a design that is fully adjustable. It has a PLS panel which will give you exquisite image quality and has a 178-degree viewing angle. The monitor has a 100% full color reproduction in the sRGB coverage. The connection inputs on this monitor are HDMI, DisplayPort and Dual-link DVI ports. The monitor has 2 3-watt speakers that will produce a high quality audio playback and has a VESA mountable design. The ergonomic stand allows you to make adjustments as such you can tilt, swivel, and pivot and adjust the elevation. With the advanced OSD controls and the QuickFit option, you can control the monitor easily and get precise sizing for all tasks.

BenQ GW2765HT

This is an IPS monitor that offers an exceptional view for all forms of home entertainment. This will screen has fine details and will give you high quality details. The Blue light technology is one of the features that will reduce eye strain when working for longer hours. This works in collaboration with the zero flicker technology to enhance your eye health. The screen is compatible with the Windows 7 and 8. All you need to do is plug it in to your PC and Windows will recognize it. It has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 which will give you detailed clarity of all your images. It comes with 2x 1 watt speakers for quality audio and eliminates the need for external speakers. The Senseye viewing modes will give you quality video on each of the pre-set modes. As such, you can choose between Standard, Movie, Game, Photo, sRGB, Eco and Reading modes. The Eco mode is meant to help conserve the energy used.

AOC e2752She

This is a widescreen monitor with an LED backlight that has an exceptional quality of display. It has an impressive response time of 2ms, which is ideal for multimedia applications. You can be able to split the screen into 4 different windows, using the screen+ software. It had a 3.5mm audio input, which you can connect your earphone. The screen has an energy efficient display, which can be accessed through the two HDMI ports. The Direct-Insert horizontal connectors will make it easier to connect your cables. It is VESA 100mmm compatible and this will make it easier to mount it. The monitor had an attractive glossy black bezel and base, which gives it an appealing design. With 16.7 million colors, you will get clear images, even in the fast scenes. With the ultra-dynamic contrast ratio of 20 million: 1, you will get crisp details and depth, even in dark scenes. The streamlined design complements the user-friendly appearance and slim profile. With the iMenu feature, you can be able to adjust the setting using a mouse and keyboard.

Dell P2715Q

The Dell P2715Q is a 4K ultra HD monitor that has the Dell Display Manager to enhance productivity. There is a wide array of connections that you can use with this monitor. The 3840 x 2160 ultra HD resolution is 4 times the full HD resolution and it also have over 8 million pixels. The screen has wide color coverage of 99% sRGB. The monitor offers maximum viewing option and allows you to connect to various devices and peripherals seamlessly. You can enjoy quality images from laptops, PCs, tablets and other devices that can be connected to this screen. It has DisplayPort for easy connection and quality color reproduction. The monitor can be adjusted for suitable height. You can also tilt, swivel and rotate the monitor to your preferred angle. This allows you to use the monitor is portrait or landscape orientation. You can use the MHL port to connect your smartphone and access content through the large screen display. It is VESA 100mm compliant, making it easy to mount it.

Acer XG270HU

This one of Acer XG Series gaming monitors and comes with a WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440. This monitor has the AMD Free Sync technology that will enhance the refresh rate of the monitor, depending on the graphics card that you have. The zero frame design will save valuable space on your desk and you can connect several monitors, without any difficulty. The Comfy View will give you a comfortable gaming experience since it has low dimming and flicker-less display. It has a number of signal inputs for the connections that you have. You can connect your peripherals using the DVI, HDMI or the DisplayPort. All the details are clear and this is an efficient screen for those people who would love exceptional display quality. The monitor has a very fast response time of 1ms, which will accord you the best gaming experience. Irrespective of how fast the action in the game is, you will enjoy smooth transitions. This eliminates ghosting and blackening effects, during the game.

LG 27MP58VQ-P 27-Inch

This IPS monitor has a sleek design and an ultra slim panel, which enhance the quality of the display. When you have this screen, you will have a clean workspace and it will free up some space on your computer. With the slim frame design, you can connect a number of monitors and enjoy a continuous flow, without the color reproduction being affected. With the IPS technology, it will enhance the LCD display in that you can enjoy quality display, irrespective of the angle that you are viewing the screen from. The response time is quite short and this will give you quality color reproduction from all viewing angles. You can use the on-screen control to access all the essential settings on your screen. The screen can split it 4 independent windows, which will enhance productivity. The Black Stabilizer is a feature that will keep the darker scenes in a game bright, giving you clear visuals. With the Reader Mode, the blue light is reduced and this will reduce eye fatigue, when working for extended hours.


As you can see there are tons of 27 inch monitors and you may end up being confused with the particular one to choose. With this guide, the process of shopping and eventually finding the best 27 inch monitor should be much easier. It is important to consider all the key factors and features that we have discussed above when buying your monitor. It is our sincere hope that this article will help you make an informed decision when buying a 27 inch monitor. We wish you luck in your shopping experience.