GPU Tweak Windows 10 – Tutorial

So you have built or purchased a high-end machine and decided that you should engage in some tweaking of the GPU. This is certainly a process which is not for the faint of heart. There are many positives to be gathered from tweaking and overclocking your GPU, though you should remain cautious.

With this simple guide, you will learn step-by-step how to tweak your GPU safely and ensuring maximum performance benefit. There are many different programs which can help you tweak your GPU but we will be focusing on ASUS GPU Tweak II which is compatible with Windows 10 and one of the most widely used.

Why Tweak Your GPU

Firstly we should mention that although not as widely known, GPU tweaking is more secure than CPU tweaking, though you should still exercise caution and ensure that your system can handle tweak such as overclocking safely. As a general rule, you should avoid overclocking laptops because they already run close to maximum capability and also exercise caution with lower end machines.

The major reason why you would tweak or overclock your machine is simple. Performance. We all want to obtain the maximum possible output from our machines and especially GPU tweaking can be the most cost effective way to increase our current machines running power, remembering that most desktops are set within very cautious operational parameters which can allow performance to be greatly increased with manual tweaking.

For games, frames per second can be increased, with this you should see less stuttering and overall greatly improved gameplay. Another benefit of tweaking is that it is user friendly, even to a very novice user and because tweaking is performed by software, it is very difficult to do any irreparable damage to your system. Though you still need to cautiously follow the guide.

Drawbacks of GPU tweaking can include a shorter system lifespan as clearly you are increasing stress on your components. Also, tweaking too much will cause your system to perform abnormally and crash.

Let’s Get Started

Firstly you will have to download the tweaking software itself. As we have said, there are many programs available to use but we will focus on ASUS Tweak II which is compatible with windows and you should download here.

From there you will be greeted with a very user friendly interface which you can see in the screenshots below. It is very self-explanatory and simply follow the menus for the enhancement you want to perform.

There are a number of main options which you possess when it comes to tweaking within the program. These are:

GPU Clock Speed – This is the most widely used tweak. Itwill help to enhance the performance of your graphics card and your games to run much smoother
Memory Clock Speed– Again this will help to maximize the performance of your graphics card.
Fan Speed- This assists you to increase fan speed or alter it to better control cooling operations. This can help greatly to reduce overheating during difficult or complex tasks. Noise will of course increase.
Silent Mode- This allows your fans to cease operation when your system is below a certain temperature. This allows it to operate in complete silence.
OC Mode- This allows the user to transform the system performance speeds. With one click, offering a fast alternative to your preset speeds. Useful when maximum performance needs to be obtained quickly.
Gaming Mode– This helps to apply a number of quick settings to ensure optimal use while gaming.

Visuals are Key

Along with the ability to tweak and alter your GPU speeds, you will also have the ability to easily visualize the performance of your machine and the result of any changes you make. It is key that you closely monitor these to achieve the best possible results and also ensure you are not straining your machine to breaking point.


It is certainly advisable to tweak your GPU performance whenever possible within safe boundaries. This is especially true if you are an intensive gamer or even just a regular user who wants to achieve maximum output from your machine. GPU tweaking is very simple and safe so long as you follow the guidelines and use recommended software as we have shown. Unleash the beast.