Best Computer Monitor Stand with Drawers

If you have an office space that is somewhat limited, you need to make utmost use of the space available. Monitor stands with drawers are perfect for such places since they will not only hold your monitor, but also provide you with some extra storage space. In as much as technology keeps evolving and new gadgets are introduced to the market, the need for a monitor remains constant. As such, finding an ideal stand for the monitor is a necessity.

Instead of buying an ordinary stand for the monitor and start looking for storage space, you may want to consider the monitor stands that come with drawers.

This will increase your productivity levels since you can keep all the essential items in the drawers. Eventually, this will save you a whole lot of time that may be spent trying to find items that you need to use.

Whether you use your monitor for serious office work or for entertainment at home, you need to have the height adjusted to a comfortable level. This is the essence of having a monitor stand. The drawers, on the other hand, will add to the functionality of your monitor stand.

Finding the right monitor stand with a drawer might be quite a challenge for any ordinary person. As a result, we have put together this review so as to help you understand the various models that are in the market. Hopefully, this should help you buy one that serves your purpose effectively.

Benefits of Monitor Stands with Drawers

Monitor stands with drawers have a whole range of benefits to the users. They are commonly referred to as monitor shelves since they will provide some storage space. One of the key benefits is the fact that they will raise the monitor to a comfortable eye level, which will reduce eye and muscle fatigue. You will raise the monitor to your preferred height and this prevents any neck or back strains. With the drawer below the stand, you can place certain essentials like the computer keyboard, when it is not in use. You can also use the drawer to keep pens, business cards, laptops and any other item that you need to use regularly. The drawers on the monitor stand will help in keeping your desk neat and tidy. You will also find any accessories with so much ease as long as they are kept in the drawer. You will realize that the monitor stands with drawers have so many benefits compared to ordinary monitor stands.


  • Some of the drawers on these stands are not flexible and can be difficult to open sometimes.
  • Some customers have been disappointed by the size of the drawers, which is rather too small. In most cases, the drawers are about 1-inch deep.
  • Some models tend to be wobbly, in the overall structure. This may be risky as it may not have the capacity to hold a heavy monitor.
  • Some manufactures have focused on the drawers and end up making low-quality stands. There are some that are made from cheap plastic and this means they are not durable.

Different models will have different features. It is imperative to compare a number of monitor stands with drawers so as to ensure you get the best deal.

Who needs this type of Stand?

Such stands are able to combine functionality and design into one. Anyone who has a monitor should consider these stands. They may be ideal for the people who need to save some space on their desk. The stands with drawers will be useful in the office or even at home due to their versatile nature. Besides having the stand for the monitor, you can use the drawer to keep your games, movies, documents and any other accessory that will fit in the drawer. Bearing in mind that they come in all shapes and sizes, you will certainly find one that will suit your needs in the best way possible.

Essential Features

When you go out shopping for a monitor shelf, there are some features that you should consider. Here are some of the essential factors that will serve as a guide to the stand that you will purchase:

  • Size: The size of the monitor stand is quite essential. This should be guided, mainly, by the size of the screen that you intend to place on the stand. In addition, when looking at the size, ensure that the drawers are in your desirable size as well.
  • Load Capacity: While the design may appeal to you, you should be very keen on the maximum load capacity that the stand has. You do not want to place your monitor, only for it to fall and break into pieces.
  • Durability: Do an analysis of the type of materials used in making the stand so as to ensure that it will last for a reasonable time. You may look at the warranty offered, which serves as an indicator of the quality standards in manufacturing.
  • Price Tag: It is always good to have a budget line that you can stick to. When you find a monitor stand in a particular price range, compare it with other options that are available for the same amount.

Top Manufacturers

  • Halter
  • Officemate
  • Kantek
  • Lorell
  • Sparco
  • Rolodex
  • Mount-It

Review of the Best Monitor Stand with Drawer

With different brands and models of these stands that come with a drawer, making a decision might be quite tough. Here are some of the top stands that are on the market, which you may consider purchasing.

Mount-It! MI-7221

The MI-7221 stand has a modular leg design, which allows it to have sturdy support. With this stand, you will have your monitor elevated up to 4 inches, to give you the ultimate comfort at your eye level. The drawer allows you to store all the essential components and accessories, which you need to use, often.

This is one of the most versatile stands as it comes with the option to adjust the height, depending on your needs. You will not have cables hanging all over as it has cable management ports, which keep your workspace neat and organized. It has the capacity to handle monitors that weigh up to 30 pounds, without caving in. The drawer is removable and you can use the space below the stand to keep other items that may not fit in the drawer. It is made from high quality material and as such, it will be durable and a great investment. It is light in weight, making it easy to transport.

Officemate 2200 Series Monitor Stand

If you are looking for a monitor stand, with a drawer at an affordable price, then the Officemate 2200 series is the perfect solution. Besides elevating your monitor to a height that will prevent eye strain, there is a functional drawer which can use to keep any documents or stationery. This will create more space on your desk and make it easier to locate items.

The security drawer on this stand is HIPPA Compliant and you can detach the drawer and adjust the height of the stand accordingly. It has a solid design and is made from quality materials. The rounded corners give the stand great stability when holding your monitor. The 2200 series stand complements with the other desk accessories and as such you will not have any problem trying to make it fit in. This stand is not only meant for office use, but can also be used at home to hold your screen and give you storage space for any items that you have.

Kantek MS480

The Kantek MS480 will accommodate your laptop, printer, fax machine and monitor, conveniently. As a result, you will end up with sufficient work space, attributable to the extra wide surface area that the stand has. The stand is adjustable so you will easily adjust it to your preferred height level. You can adjust the stand from 3.5 inches all the way up to 7 inches, where you will have a comfortable view.

The black color is stylish and will blend in with any type of theme and décor in your home or office. The ergonomic design of the stand will ensure that you always have a great posture when working. As a result, this will eliminate eye, neck, shoulder and back strains. The cable management ports will ensure that all the cables and cords are neatly organized. You can use the drawer to keep all your documents and other accessories.

Lorell LLR84148 Monitor Stand with Drawer

The LLR84148 is an amazing monitor stand. The good news with this particular stand is the fact that it does not only come with a drawer, but has extra compartments on either side. This will give you extra storage space where you can keep all your items in an organized manner. The sleek design of the stand will create more room on your desk, in addition to providing extra storage space.

The stand allows you to elevate your monitor to a comfortable position. This will guarantee you good posture and thereby reduce eye strain and muscle fatigue. You can easily pull out the drawer, when you do not need to use it. The two compartments can be used to store the small items that keep vanishing from your desk, anytime you need to use them. The stand is made from plastic and steel mesh and this makes it recyclable. The smooth edges and powder-coat finish gives it an appealing look.

Halter Mesh Metal Monitor Stand

Why should you keep suffering as a result of having your monitor sitting too low? The Halter Mesh is the perfect solution to raise your monitor to a comfortable height, where your eyes will no longer strain. This metal monitor is stylish and quite affordable for everyone. It will be ideal for any home or office that has a monitor and fits on any workstation or desk.

It is referred as a 2 pack stand since you can use it as a stand and as a shelf. It is quite versatile and you can also place your laptop, printer, or even your PC on this stand. It comes with a functional drawer beneath, which you can use for purposes of storing essential items. Besides the pull out drawer, there are two compartments on either side of the stand. You can use these compartments to organize various items that are on your desk. Any monitor that is up to 24” will fit on this stand without any problems. The stand will be stable on your desk since it has a non-skid rubber feet. This will also help in protecting your desk surface.

Rolodex 82430 Monitor Stand

With the Rolodex 82430 monitor stand, you will not only have your monitor elevated to a safe height, but have some extra storage for documents and other items. This stand will make the use of your monitor much safer in that you will have the monitor elevated to a suitable height, which will prevent neck and eye strains. The stand is 5” high and is made from real wood to give it an elegant look that complements any workstation. The non-skid pads under the legs of the stand will protect your desk from any scratches in the event that the monitor stand is moved. The stand weighs only 5.7 pounds, which makes it easily portable. The overall design of the stand is impeccable and you can trust it to hold your monitor without any difficulty. The drawer is quite spacious and will keep all the essential supplies within your reach at all times.


A good number of people will only be productive if their workstation is neat and well-organized. Using a monitor stand with a drawer is one of the best ways to achieve this objective. There are so many different types of these stands and you will certainly find one that you will like. The stands come with a number of features besides the drawers, like extra compartments, cable management, USB hubs and so much more. At the end of it all, finding a suitable monitor stand with a drawer will depend on your preference. Most of the monitor stands with drawers are affordable and therefore, you do not have an excuse for not having an organized workspace.