Samsung LC27F398FWNXZA Curved Monitor Review

Samsung is a company that has been around since 1938. It is only recently that they have begun mass producing curved monitors for the global market. Curved monitors were not as common as they are today compared to a few years ago so it only makes sense that Samsung decided to take advantage of the opportunity by using their expertise and engineering to craft the CF398.

The Samsung LC27F398FWNXZA also referred to as the Samsung CF398 is a 27-inch curved monitor that is suitable for a wide variety of applications including gaming and for eye care. It has a 1800R curvature which means you get a wide and immersive viewing angle.

If you are familiar with the panoramic picture mode in your smartphone then you will understand that a curved monitor produces a similar effect to give you the best panoramic views while you use your computer. Curved monitors are also great for gaming because they give you a more realistic view of the gameplay.

Furthermore, to compliment itself, the Samsung CF398 is equipped with the AMD Freesync technology which is a feature that synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with the frame rate to eliminate input latency and screen tearing. Sometimes we refer to the game as inputting lag or that the picture is “choppy”.

This, however, is fixed with the AMD Freesync technology. Quick response times are important if you want to succeed in multiplayer mode where you are competing live with other players. The Samsung CF398 will make sure you don’t get left behind. Freesync is compatible with one of the many AMD Radeon graphics cards such as the R9 290X and R9 Fury X.There are also other great features that Samsung has incorporated into this curved monitor.

For example, in order to improve the vividness of the colors displayed on the monitor, Samsung utilized Active Crystal Color technology.

This technology generates a 3000:1 contrast ratio so that the darkest black and the brightest version of white are effectively displayed on your screen. As a benefit, you’ll be able to see clearly in dark or bright situations and it will also offer some protection from sunlight blur.

Many users and buyers have boasted about the monitor’s color saturation and they say it is great.This monitor is an eco-friendly monitor and if you wish you can switch on the eco-saving plus feature that lowers screen brightness to conserve power.

There is no PVC material used in the construction of the monitor. PVC is considered a durable plastic polymer material but the problem lies in its ability to biodegradable after product life has concluded. There have also been some other issues with PVC in regards to its health and environmental risks.

Moreover, the eye saver mode is good for office users that need clear text quality for prolonged reading or for gamers that enjoy playing for long durations. The eye saver lowers the effect of blue light emissions and flickers when you decide to switch the mode on. Low-quality monitors will emit a blue-like light after being left turned on for long durations but you don’t have to worry about that impacting your eyesight with this monitor.

The physical construction is pretty sturdy for this monitor. Some may prefer a thicker monitor because it is less prone to breaking but Samsung clearly intended this monitor to boast style and slimness. After all, it is only 0.5 inch thick.

If you intend to use this monitor in a public place for use by multiple people or are concerned about the security of the monitor, there is an anti-theft lock feature available.

You can even use a wall mount kit to install the monitor on the wall. You will have to buy the wall mount kit separately and ensure that it is compatible with this Samsung model.This monitor supports a large number of color varieties. As you know there are many sub-types of colors in the RGB spectrum and this monitor is capable of displaying 16.7 million of those color varieties.

The response time is 4 milliseconds and I hoped this could have been at least 3 milliseconds. Response time is the speed at which pixels can change color. The longer it takes for an image to adapt to the changing colors, the lower the picture quality is.The resolution is large and adequate measuring at 1920 x 1080.

The tilt of the monitor is adjustable at -2° ~ 22°. Because this is a curved monitor I will let you know the exact viewing angle. It is 178 degrees.The refresh rate is 60hz and the monitor has a HDMI input. It also has a DisplayPort to connect to your PC.

It is compatible with Windows 10 and the total product weight is 7.93 lbs. It has a 3.5 mm audio/headphone jack and the color of the monitor is black high glossy.Some users have raised concern about whether curved monitors are worth it for office use which involves spreadsheet accounting.

Spreadsheets require attention to detail from the user and it can take some time to get used to a curved monitor. 27 inch is an ideal size for this resolution and refresh rate because if you want a bigger monitor such as a 32 inch you would really need to look at purchasing a UHD one.

3D movies come to life with this curved monitor. The innovative T-shaped stand adds a stylish and modern look to your computer desk setup

.Regarding price, it is considered mid-range and can retail between $180 and $220 depending on the sale and retailer. always offers an excellent buying experience and we recommend you go over there and check out what they have to offer.In conclusion, there are a lot of neat features that allow you to best adjust your picture settings to meet the needs you demand from your Samsung CF398 computer monitor.

It is very good for playing games but may not be suitable if you are looking to use it for heavy office use. If you found this review helpful please leave a comment or share it on social media.