Sceptre C328W-1920R Review

The Sceptre C328W is the successor to the Sceptre C325W. In this Sceptre C328W-1920R Review we will discuss the features of the monitor and provide an analysis on what it’s good for and who should use it. Best of all, we will help decipher whether this is a good option for you.

Immersive Gaming

The Sceptre C328W is intended to be a gaming monitor. As a result, it is curved and provides an immersive feel to it. I was speaking to some fellow reviewers earlier last month about alternatives to virtual reality gaming. One such person suggested a curved monitor because it really does immerse you into the game. Another option would be to have a triple monitor setup but this monitor takes away the need for such as large investment.

Regarding technical specifications, the curvature on this monitor is 1800R. There are four main types of curvature ratings. They are 1800r, 2300R, 3000R, and 4000R. A lower curvature is more immersive and has a greater curve to it. The only catch is that the maximum viewing distance is limited to about 2 meters. If you sit beyond the 2-meter mark, the impressiveness of the gaming experience will suffer. Four-thousand R Curvature is considered a subtle curve, and this is usually the rating I recommend to those folks who need to use their monitor both for gaming and office related tasks.

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This monitor is literally brand new on the market and supports all your desired connection ports including HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA ports. There is also an audio in/out port that allows you to connect an external speaker or headphone. The DisplayPort connector allows you to synchronize directly to your video card give you have the corresponding receptacle.

Mount to the Wall or Use the Stand

You can mount this Sceptre C328W Monitor to the wall using a VESA pattern. I prefer to hang the monitor to the room wall because it is aesthetically pleasing and gives off a modern look.  The stand is circle shaped and while it is beneficial for it tilt-ability (20 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward) it looks cheaply made and I’d prefer if it had been chromed or aluminum.

Use it with Windows 10

Windows 10 has been pronounced as the next generation of Windows XP. Windows XP truly was a marvel of its time and you can now take full advantage of its successor with the Sceptre C328W curved monitor.

Viewing Experience

The response time is slower than I would prefer because it is only 5 milliseconds. However, the 75Hz refresh rate does compensate for the visual lack of a slower response time. The monitor has a resolution of 1920X1080 and careless to mention the refresh rate is a digital frequency range and not an exact number. This simply means that depending on the input signal you choose (HDMI or VGI) the vertical refresh rate will vary between 60 to 75 Hz and 30 to 80Hz for the horizontal counterpart. It is an LED screen type and has a large 32-inch panel for maximum viewing space and detail. Regarding color accuracy, it supports 16.7 million colors which is considerable in comparison to its competitors in this monitor class. Lastly, the OSD menu allows you to adjust the different settings including color, brightness, and contrast.  

Added Feature: Blue Light Shift

It is becoming a standard amongst the monitor peripheral industry to see companies using some type of blue light filtering technology. Blue light occurs when the monitor is left on for long durations which is sort of a norm and expected with gaming use. Anyways, the blue light shift reduces the bluish glare that can lead to eye fatigue, irritation, strains, and even worse, migraines.


The best way to describe this monitor is a ‘practical curved gaming monitor’. It is practical in its price, connectivity capability, viewing visuals, software/hardware compatibility, but there is one category where this monitor surpasses expectations; its immersive-ness. With a decent refresh rate and excellent curvature, it can give you the competitive advantage you have been looking for without hurting your pockets, financially speaking.

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