Best Triple Monitor Stand – Best 3 Monitor Stand Review

With the fast-paced world that we are living in today, you will have to make smart decisions at all times. A monitor stand is essential in that it will elevate your monitor to a comfortable height for easy view.

When you have your monitor adjusted to the right height, you will not have to worry about back pains, neck and shoulder muscle fatigue or even eye strain. There are so many different types of monitor stands, and the challenge for most people is finding the right stand for their screen.

In the recent past, monitor stands have advanced and this saw the introduction of triple monitor stands in the market. Ideally, the stands with triple arms will be perfect for intensive work and extreme gaming periods. A good number of consumers are not yet in a position to comprehend how to a triple monitor setup would look like.

If you have the needs to mount video walls using several monitors, a stand with three arms would be useful and serve the purpose. The market is flooded with numerous monitor stands that claim to offer you the best solutions as far as elevating and mounting your monitors go. The key issue would be to find the stand that will suit your needs in the best way possible. This article will serve as an exhaustive guide that will make your journey to finding the right triple monitor stand much easier.

Key Benefits of 3 monitor stand

  • With a triple stand, you will be able to mount all your monitors and in return this will clear up so much space on your table. Your desk will look tidy and well organized.
  • Most of the stands are fully adjustable on each arm and this will allow you to position monitor according your needs and requirements.
  • The fact that the monitors are positioned at a perfect angle, any user will not strain when working and as a result, there will be increased productivity.
  • The stands have a strong base and capacity to hold your monitor in place and as such, there is no risk of the monitors falling off.
  • The triple monitor stands are ideal for those who frequently set up multiple monitors or video walls.
  • It is economical to buy a triple stand, rather than buying 3 single-arm stands.

Drawbacks of 3 monitor stand

  • In some instances, the stand may not be able to handle the 3 monitors at a go and this may cause serious damage to your screens.
  • There have been some complaints on the stands not being on the same level, which makes is difficult to set up a video wall.
  • Due to the various joints that these monitors have, after a while they will start getting loose and eventually sag, when holding the monitors.
  • The stand seems to wobble if you put it in a corner or at an angle and it may topple over with your monitors in place.
  • In as much as these stands are meant to be flexible, some models are very difficult to adjust and align.

It is important to note that these disadvantages do not apply to all monitors. We picked random cons for different models. You should carry out due diligence on your own before making a decision to buy or forfeit any model.

Who Needs a Triple Screen Stand?

Certainly, triple monitor stands are not for everyone; there are those who only need to use a single screen. With that in mind, we can comfortably say that these stands will be a great accessory for people who frequently need multiple monitor setups. Intense gaming sessions would also be great when you have various monitors to use.

When you are making presentations and need to project larger graphics and images, you may need to set up a video wall. The best way to achieve this is by having your monitors on a triple stand. This is the only way that you can be sure that they are safely mounted.

Features to Consider

While it might be exciting to finally go out and buy a triple monitor stand, there are a number of things that you should have in mind. First and foremost, you need to have a budget in place. This will guide you on the type of stands that you should go for. When buying the stand, consider the type of screens that you will be using with the stand.

Monitors with thin bezels are recommended for such configurations. Please be sure to check the maximum load capacity that the stand can hold, on each arm. It is imperative to ensure that the stand has the necessary features to support your monitors. Look at the mounting options that the stand has to offer, especially VESA mounting.

Make a decision on whether you need a freestanding base or clamping one. Note that the clamp stands can only be placed on a desk and not on a wall. With these key details, you should be able to make an informed decision on the right triple monitor stand.

Top Manufacturers of Triple Stands

  • VIVO
  • Loctek
  • Jestik
  • Ergotech
  • EasyMountLCD
  • Elitech
  • Mount-It

Reviews of Top Triple Monitor Stands

With the rising number of monitor stands on the market, we picked a few models that we felt are representative of all the brands. Please take a look at the specific reviews so as to gain more insight on the particular stand that you should buy.

Ergotech Triple Modular Monitor Stand (100-D16-B03)

The Ergotech 100-D16-Bo3 is designed in such a manner that it holds three monitors seamlessly. This is a desk stand that will arrive to your preassembled and this makes the set up quick and easy. You can use this stand when you need to set up your displays in the shortest time possible, for instance when you attend exhibitions.

The Quick Release Pivots eliminate the need to use any tools to make adjustments on the stand. Each of the arms, on this stand, has the capacity to hold a maximum of 25 pounds. It comes with a cable management feature, which ensures that all your cables are placed neatly.

It has 75mm and 100mm VESA mount and can hold screens up to 24”, conveniently. When you need to pivot the monitor on the stand, the stand allows you to pivot up to 10 degrees downwards and 20 degrees upwards. You can also rotate the monitor all the way round to 360 degrees and tilt it 25 degrees up and downwards. This is a clamp stand, with the provision for attaching vertical poles for wall mounting.

Jestik Arc Triple Monitor Stand

The Jestik Arc is an all-round solution that will enhance productivity by promoting a healthier posture when working or playing your games. The ergonomic design will allow you to tilt, rotate or swivel the monitors all the way, the full 360 degree. There is a quick release lever which will make it easy to adjust the stand to the preferred height. This allows you to slide the monitor up or down.

The monitor supports screen between 15” all the way up to 27”. Each of the arms can carry a maximum load of 8kgs, giving you a total of 24kgs for the entire stand. The efficient cable management option allows you to neatly hide the cable, out of sight. This means that your workstation will always be neat.

It is a desk clamp stand, but with the wall grommet included, which makes it versatile. It is VESA 75/100mm compatible, making it easier to mount your monitors. While the stand allows you to tilt the monitor to 15 degrees, you can rotate to a full rotation of 360 degrees, without any problems.

Loctek Triple Arm Desk Mounts (D7T)

This stand is not only attractive, but is quite functional as a triple monitor stand. You can easily adjust the arms when working at your desk. This will give you a comfortable viewing angle, thus reducing any back, eye or neck strain. This will boost the productivity levels at the workstation. The height adjustment is made possible by the Gas spring hovering feature.

Two of the arms will rotate to 360 degrees, horizontally, each going to a maximum rotation of 180 degrees. This will allow you to have a great set up at any given time. The ball joints are of exceptional quality and they allow the movements of the stand and the arms. The cable management feature will ensure that you do not have a cluttered workstation.

You have the option of clamping the stand to your desk or choose the grommet setup. This is a functional stand that is designed in a beautiful manner.

EZM Triple Monitor Mount (002-0033)

The ergonomic design of this stand and the sturdy support it offers makes it one of the top rated triple monitor stands. It is a free standing stand and this allows you to have your monitor in different positions that would fit the purpose. As a result, you will end up getting increased productivity in any project that you undertake.

You will get optimal comfort and viewing angles since the stand offers flexible options. It will hold screens that are up to 24 inches and with a weight of 23 pounds on each mount. It supports the 75mm and 100mm VESA compatibility and you can easily adjust the monitors to your preferred position.

There is room to rotate the monitor 360 degrees clockwise and anti-clockwise. Each arm is die cast and swivels to 180 degrees, which facilitates turning the monitors to comfortable viewing positions. The heavy metal base, will give the stand the stability that it require so as to hold all your screens in a steady manner. In as much as it is free standing, you can easily clamp it on your desk.

Elitech Triple Monitor Stand

This is a triple monitor stand with a solid construction, which gives it the strength and durability that it requires. It is made from iron and aluminum alloy and can be able to support a maximum of 13.2 lbs on each mount.

You can place up to three 24-inch monitors on this stand and they will be accommodated without any difficulty. This stand allows flexible reposition since you can tilt the screen 30 degrees up and down and rotate up to 260 degrees. This means that you can use the screen in either landscape or portrait orientation, depending on your needs.

The broad base will support the stand when it is in full performance and ensure the monitors stay put. It is VESA compatible for 50mm, 75mm and 100mm and this makes it easier to mount your screen in any preferred orientation. Besides rotation and tilting, you can swivel each arm up to 49.8” and there is a provision to adjust the height of the screens. The cable management system is integrated so as to allow you to keep your workstation clear and tidy.

Mount-It! MI-753

If you are looking for a versatile monitor stand, then MI-753 is the right choice. The stand is able to handle a maximum weight of 66 pounds, 22lbs on each mount, without bulging. It has a VESA 75 and 100mm bolt pattern for easier mounting. It is strong and durable since it is made from high grade steel and aluminum.

Each of the arms can easily spin all the way up to 48 inches from the center to the left or right and so on. You can change the monitors from the landscape to portrait positions, without having to detach them. This is due to the flexibility offered by this stand. The stand is designed in such a manner that it clamps to any standard desk.

You will keep all your cables and cords in an organized manner since it comes with a provision for cable management. It is a heavy duty stand with a sturdy base for greater stability. You can say goodbye to neck pain and eye strain since the stand will raise the monitor to the required height.


There are so many different types of triple monitor stands on the market. We have picked the ones that seem to be popular among the buyers and reviewed them above. There are so many other manufacturers that are working tirelessly to gain entry into the market.

We will keep checking and updating you on the best triple stands available. In the meantime, we sincerely hope that this guide will help you make an educated decision and get a great triple monitor stand.