5ms Response Time Vs 1ms. Monitor Response Time Explained

Do you want to know which one is better between 5ms Response Time Vs 1ms? Even a few years back, response time was not that relevant to monitor enthusiasts. However, with the advancement of technology, various brands came with monitors with very fast ‘Response time’.

5ms Response Time Vs 1ms

As a result, now, people are looking to buy those monitors. But is there any difference between 5 ms vs 1 ms response time? Is 5 ms better or 1 ms? Don’t know the answers to these questions? No issues.

Because we will try to answer all these questions in this post. So, let’s get started…

5ms Response Time Vs 1ms – What Does Response Time Mean on a Monitor?

Response time on a monitor is quite different from the refresh rate. Many of us think both of these are the same thing. Additionally, some of us also think that the input lag is also similar to response time.

5ms Response Time Vs 1ms

However, response time is referred to the time it takes for an individual pixel to change its color from a shade of grey to another or black to white. In this regard, the faster the transition takes place the better. Response time is specified in milliseconds or ms.

Faster Response Time vs. Slower Response Time:

So, do you need a monitor with a faster response time or slower? The answer is you should always go for a monitor that comes with a faster response rate. For the record, here, the faster response time is the monitor that has lower ms of response time. To elaborate, a monitor with a 5 ms response time is better and faster than a monitor with a 10 ms response time. In this instance, the less the better.

Is 5ms Response Time Better than 1ms Response Time?

From the previous section, it is clear that a monitor with 1 ms response time will be better than a monitor with a 5 ms response time. But there are a lot of other factors you need to consider when you are purchasing a new monitor. Only, the response time is not that of an important factor. Here’s why.

Normally, the monitors that come with a 4 or 5 ms response time will have IPS or VA panels. On the contrary, most of the monitors with a fast response time like 1 ms will use TN panels. Now, there are a lot of dissimilarities between these 3 types of display panels.

TN Panels or Twisted Nematic panels are great. But these have some drawbacks such as poor color reproduction and worse viewing angle. Due to these issues, it is not suitable to use a monitor with TN panels when you can use an IPS or VA panel instead.

Because the IPS panels come with the best viewing angles. For example, most of the IPS panels come with a viewing angle up to 180-degrees. And, VA panels are known for accurate color reproduction. So, if you want a monitor with 1 ms of response time, you will have to sacrifice some of the most important features of a good monitor such as color accuracy and viewing angle.

On the other hand, if you are actually in dire need of fast response time, you can use the TN panels that come with just 1 ms of response time.

Monitor with 5ms Response Time vs. 1 ms Response Time:

The pricing of the monitors is another crucial factor when you are buying a new monitor. As a result, you will have to keep an eye on the budget as well. Now, even though the TN panels are not known for good viewing angle and color accuracy, because of their compatibility of offering faster response time, they tend to be pricey.

Yes, they are typically pricier than similar VA or IPS panels. So, you should remember that you will have to spend a lot more for a monitor that comes with faster response time compared to a (few milliseconds) slower one.

5ms Response Time Vs 1ms

There is a huge collection of both 1 ms and 5 ms monitors available on the market right now. So, if you have sorted out everything like the specs, screen size, and the budget, it will not be an issue for choosing your preferred ones with ease.

And, lucky for you, there are a few monitors that come with both IPS panels and 1 ms response time. So, to get the best of both worlds, you can choose any of them. For your convenience, here are a few of the monitors with some high-end specs.

5 ms Vs. 1 ms Response Time—Does It Really Matter?

There is no doubt that a monitor with 1 ms response time is better than another one that has 5 ms response time. But is it compulsory to have a 1 ms monitor? First off, if you are a competitive gamer, then it will be great for you. But it is not a must-have feature. A 5 ms monitor will do just fine.

It is also suggested that you should choose a monitor that comes with some great features like at least 144 Hz refresh rate, FHD resolution, IPS or VA panel, etc. At the same time, you will need to have a PC with high-end specs as well. Otherwise, if your PC has a low-end configuration, your high-end monitor will be useless.

Sum Up—5ms Response Time Vs 1ms:

If you have read the post above, now you know about response time on a monitor. You will also understand that it is always better to go with a monitor that has a faster response time. Additionally, we have also shared the fact that IPS or VA panel is better than TN panels. So, when it comes to 5 ms vs. 1 ms response time, you have to consider a lot of other factors.

Lastly, you will also need to think about your budget as the faster monitors come with a hefty price tag. In our opinion, if you want the overall best experience using your monitor, you should go with an IPS or VA monitor even if it has 5 ms response time.

On the contrary, if you are a competitive gamer or a professional who needs a monitor with super-fast response time, you can go with a TN panel monitor with 1 ms response time. And, the best of all would be to get an IPS or VA panel with 1 ms response time.

For you, we have shared a few monitors with those specs in the post above. You can purchase one of those if you want the best overall experience using your monitor.