Review: Acer KG271 bmiix 27″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) TN Monitor

The Acer KG271 BMIIX is a 27 inch Full high-definition monitor that comes equipped with FreeSync technology. In this review, we will analyze the monitor’s features and decipher if this can be the ideal monitor for you.


FreeSync is a technology created by AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) to compete against Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. The sync in both technologies’ name is to refer to the synchronization of the frames per second to the video card. If you do not get this synchronization, then what happens is the screen will tear when displaying fast moving pictures which is a common problem amongst gamers. However, with the Acer KG271 you get the help of FreeSync to eliminate screen tearing or at least minimize it.

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Zero Frame Design

The border frame on this monitor is hardly noticeable. In fact, the design was an intentional play by Acer to create a zero-frame border. It matches modern standards and gives you more of the 27 inches of viewing space.

Despite its minimal frame, it is still mountable on to the wall or to a monitor stand. The monitor weighs 12 pounds so you will need a good VESA mount to attach it to where you need it.

Display is made for Fast Moving pixels

The display is full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. 1 millisecond is the response time and 75 Hz is the refresh rate of the monitor which means that monitor refreshes every 1 millisecond to display the right combination of color and contrast on the screen.

Acer needed to compete with many other brands that are offering eye care solutions in their monitor, so they included their VisionCare technology within this monitor. The Acer KG271 uses Acer Lumiflex which is apart of the VisionCare system to auto boost the color and brightness of your screen. The Acer blue light shield filters out eye-straining blue light which tends to illuminate on the screen when the monitor has been left on for prolonged durations. This makes it ideal for a programmer, writer, or graphic designer to use this monitor in addition to gamers who have long playing sessions.

The stand is menacing and has a three-prong glossy finish to it. It takes up minimal space on the desk and gives the monitor an intimidating look. We found that this style is like the Acer Predator series but is lacking the red emblems.

The pixel pitch on this monitor is 0.3113mm which means its very good for detailed images and for close-up visuals.

Connectivity is up to modern standards

Regarding connectivity, if you do decide to go ahead and purchase this monitor then you’ll get 2 HDMI slots and 1 VGA receptacle. It works great with modern gaming consoles such as the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

You won’t require to connect separate speakers because there are 2 audio speakers included with this monitor. They are of quality but I preferred having a good set of headphones when playing games.

Panel Technology: Twisted Nematic (TN)

This monitor has a TN panel which means it is a type of LCD and a form of LED panel display technology. They are used for monitors that require fast image display and very minimal motion blue. It does not have hardly any input lag but does suffer when it comes to color quality and color richness. Viewing angles are also a concern with TN monitors but with a horizontal VA of 170 degrees, it only really falls short in its vertical viewing capacity of 160 degrees. Understanding this, it is not a surprise that the monitor is intended for gaming purposes. If you do not want to sacrifice money on purchasing a LED IPS monitor, then this is a suitable option. Frame rendering is not an issue and for the price this monitor is well worth it.


In conclusion, this monitor is a very good option for those looking to use it for gaming as its main purpose. It will still work good for graphic designers that need decent color display but not if they need it for professional work purposes. An upgrade on the refresh rate of 144Hz will cost you an extra $100 but we found this to be an option only hardcore gamers would want to consider. Blur and response time are major issues when playing games so for those that want to eliminate the lack of performance due to a crappy monitor then the Acer KG271 is a stylish and affordable option to consider.