HP 27ER 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor Review

The HP 27ER IPS Led backlit monitor is a great budget-friendly monitor and has a sleek design appeal to it. In this review, we will go beyond its design and functionality to decide if this may be the right monitor for you.

No Bezel

There is a bezel-less display on this monitor which gives you more of the 27 inches because often the bezel tends to take up more room on the monitor’s screen then it should. For those not familiar with what a bezel is, it is the border that encircles the display of the monitor.

The view is panoramic in of it and provides a wide angle. IPS monitors are great for color performance and the image on this monitor is well displayed from any ultra-wide angle. So, if you are in the office collaborating with colleagues, they will be able to see the same color richness from the side angles as you would see directly looking into the monitor. 

Display Quality

The Hp 27er is as its name implies, a 27-inch monitor which is plenty for a wide and tall viewing experience. The aspect ratio is 1920X 1080 @ 60Hz. This means that the refresh rate of the monitor is 60 and it is a good number for the purpose for which this monitor should be used.

The contrast ratio is 1000:1 which is really the cut-off for a good IPS monitor. Anything lower than 1000 and we wouldn’t recommended it.

The pixel pitch is 0.311 mm. Pixel pitch is the distance between LED clusters and the .311mm is considered very good.  The pixel pitch determines the overall resolution of the display and how much detail is communicated on-screen. The lesser the distance the better the picture quality.

You’ll find higher pixel pitch distances on TV’s because the smaller the pixel pitch the closer the viewing distance needs to be to reap the full benefits of the image display. In other words, you will find the monitor to work well for you if you need it for close viewing distance such as sitting at a desk but if you need to make presentations than it will be hard for the far viewing observers to pick up on the details of the pixels.

The brightness is 250 cd/m^2 which is good but if you want to see every little detail on the screen then the dimness of the brightness rating may affect your visibility.

For example, playing a FPS game online will impact your performance because of the brightness rating. For gaming we tend to recommend you look for a FreeSync and if you have the budget then a G-Sync monitor. This feature eliminates screen-tearing which is a major issue for gaming.

The display tilt is -5 to +25 degrees which allows plenty of shift between the angles.


The construction of the monitor is well-built, and this monitor really categorizes itself into the ultra-slim segment. It is 6.3 mm at its thinnest point and the word “sleek” comes to mind when describing the monitor’s appearance.

It is a LED backlit monitor and not an actual LED which is a filtering difference. It is likely because HP wants to sell this monitor to those looking for high-performance color resolution and casual gaming use at a price that is easy to afford.

Its relatively lightweight with a gross weight of 8.35lb including the stand. The dimensions W x D x H = 24.45 x 7.66 x 17.94.  

Thinness is the monitor’s main selling point along with a friendly price tag. The color resolution technology use Technicolor Certification to ensure accuracy throughout heavy-use.


There is 1 VGA port and it supports up to 2 HDMI cables, so you can use with your computer and also hook it up to your gaming console for casual playing time.

There aren’t any USB ports or DVI ports so bear that in mind if those are needed for your specific setup.


In conclusion this is one of the cheapest monitors for value offered. Sleek and modern are adjectives to describe this computer monitor because HP went ahead and created a bezel-less display. Setup is simple, and you can easily connect a VGA or HDMI cable and begin using the monitor. The power cable is not bulky and does not interfere with the appearance of the monitor when it is resting on a desk or mounted to a wall.