Best Anti Glare Screen Protector for Computer Monitor

Glare is a negative sensation produced by luminance in the visual field that is so much greater than the luminance to which the eyes are adapted. In most situations, the cause of glare is the sun, but the causes can be different. It can be some annoying lamp or any light source in fact. Everyone hates to use the phone or to watch any screen if they are outside on a sunny day. It can be uncomfortable and it can damage your eyes because of the high influence on your eyes. I personally use an anti-glare filter because my monitor at work is right near the window and we know that the glare can cause discomfort, reduced visibility or both. Glare can take either of two forms:

  1. Discomfort glare– the sensation of discomfort or even pain caused by excessive luminance in the field of view. The physical parameters that determine the degree of discomfort are largely known. The more important parameters are luminance of the glare source in the direction of the observer, the backdoor luminance, size of the glare, and the position of the monitor relative to the viewing direction.
  2. Disability glare– results in reduced visual performance with excessive luminance leading to a loss in visibility. The most important cause is scattering of light from the glare source. In the optical system of the eye notably in the cornea the eye chamber and the lens to such a degree that a uniform luminous veil is drawn over the retina. It is this veil that reduces the apparent contrast in the visual scene to impair visibility.

When the brighter and sunny days come, and you need to work, want to play games or look into any monitor or laptop, the screen glare will appear if you are sitting near the source of light. When the light reflects on the screen you will soon have a problem with recognizing things on your monitor and also reading stuff will be very hard. The best way to prevent the glare on your screen is an anti-glare filter and it is the way that will for sure prevent the glare, but if you don’t want to pay for the filter, and you want to try something else, there are several ways to prevent glare on your screen.

  1. Adjust your positioning- if you are trying to see something on your monitor and the light blocks it, the smart thing to do is to adjust your monitor or to move to the other side. It is not a very smart option if you are watching the TN panel monitor, because of bad viewing angles, but if the angles are great, then you can just try to find the perfect spot without any glare.
  2. Invert colors- you should turn on the brightest mode on your monitor or you should just press Alt+Shift+PrtScn to activate invert color mode. This is simple and it will prevent glare in most situations.
  3. Turn on brightness- as I said, turn on the brightness on your monitor and you will see better and without any problem. This option is not for the long term and it can also damage your eyes, so if you need to finish something quick you can use this, but you should not watch at the screen with full brightness for a long time.

Best anti-glare screen protectors for a computer monitor

The anti-glare filter is my favorite option when it comes to screen glare protection and in my opinion, it is the best one. No matter where you work the glare seems to follow. And that is why you need an anti-glare filter. It improves the view and it is a great solution to glare problems.

Placing the anti-glare screen protector is very easy. You should first measure your screen size to confirm the screen protector is suitable. Thoroughly clean the screen area to make sure it is completely dry. Remove the dust with dust absorber sticker. Next thing you should do is Peel off one side of Tab 1, not too much about 50mm, slowly peel off the Tab 1 while adhering the protector with an application card. Use the application card to squeeze out the bubbles very gently so you do not harm the monitor. Peel off the Tab2 film when you finish applying.

  1. 3M Filters They are not so expensive, they are in middle-range price. The first thing you need to have on mind when you are buying anti-glare screen protector is the size of your monitor. When you measure your monitor, go from size to size and see what size is it. Then just go and buy the screen protector and put it on your monitor. There are several options, but I personally use a mix. I use Anti-glare, privacy protection monitor and it is the best solution really. People can’t see what are you doing and they can’t steal your ideas or some important data. And there is no anti screen glare of course.
  2. Kantek Kantek is a really good company that provides great LCD protection Anti-glare filters, and they have a bunch of sizes for a lot of monitors. You should of course again measure your monitor as I said before you buy the anti-glare filter. This one is a high-quality filter, but it does not protect your privacy. It reduces fatigue caused by display glare, and it is not designed to filter high direct glare from the light source. So if the light is so close this one is not the best option. But if you are working in some normal situations this protector will do a pretty nice job.
  3. The Kensington FS240 Snap2  This one was made for privacy purposes, but it is very good for reducing glare problems. It is worth the expensive price because it is a high-quality screen protector and without any question, if you have a problem with glare and also with privacy this one is the right one for you. Kensington makes this filter in a lot of dimensions and with great features. Textured surface has a light tint, and minimizes glare and improves contrast. This protector reduces the harmful blue light by up to 30% which is in my opinion very good. Hard-coated surface protects your screen from any interruption or hit, so it is hard to scratch the monitor or to make any harm to it. The monitor display is visible only in the range of 30 degrees left and right from you which is the best feature about this monitor, and if I needed better glare and privacy protector then 3M filter, I would for sure buy this one here.
  4. Forito 2 Pack–  This is a great option and it is very easy to put on your monitor. There are several choices for this protector and there are also plenty of options for your monitors, and different sizes of monitors.  This one is the best for lower-priced protectors, it is only $29 and it is the best that you can find for that much money, and if you are looking for lower-priced protectors, you should definitely go for this one without any question.