Best Monitor for GTX 970 Nvidia Graphics Card

Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 is the graphics card that is of particular interest for a few reasons. It’s the only GPU that I can think of that went with so much controversy and drama upon release, and yet despite that, Geforce GTX 970 became one of the biggest hits ever. Out of the gate, it was met with rave reviews for its unbeatable value. In my opinion, this graphics card brings top-notch value and performance, and there is, even more, to see if you plan on overclocking. This graphics card is designed especially for serious gaming, and it is awesome.

It has a base clock of 1050Mhz and if you boost it you can get 1178Mhz which is the awesome rate. The standard memory configuration of this graphics card is 4Gb with a 256-bit interface. Four Gb of video memory is capable of running all modern games today on decent medium settings and with the good gaming experience. Multi-monitoring system can hold up to four displays, with HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort or DVI-I ports.

Buying Crtieria for Best Monitor-Graphics Card Compatability

First thing you are looking for is the monitor that supports G-sync technology, and you should definitely go for that kind of monitor because without G-sync, the picture will sometimes look separated and blurry. G-sync technology gives you more of what you want in a gaming experience. It provides you with the great and incredibly smooth picture. Refresh rates of this monitors can be up to 240 Hz and with this type of technology, the picture is never going to be blurry again.

  1. Monitor dimensions- My advice is to go for 24-27 inch monitor because this graphics card is capable of running big and great resolution for big monitors with awesome pictures and also for the better gaming experience.
  2. Monitor resolution- Resolution you are looking for can not go higher than 1440p, and you should go 1440p, and it is best on 27-inch monitors, but you are going to need to lower some details on a few games, but it will still run great. If you want to game on the beast mode with all perfect details, you should go for 1080p, and it is best with 24-inch monitors. Those monitors are awesome with this graphics card because they pull the real maximum from it without any blur, error or sacrifice on picture quality and also provide a better gaming experience.
  3. Refresh rate- You are looking for refresh rates between 60Hz and 144Hz, not higher. On 144Hz the picture will run smooth and without any errors, but if you are playing online games, your frames per second will be under 60, which is not so good and you will agree with me. But the picture quality will be great and motions will be okay. It can happen that picture lags a bit but it is not a big deal. If you are eager to sacrifice refresh rate you should go for 60Hz monitor and go with 100+ frames per second, your games will run fast and smooth but with the lower picture quality and with a lower refresh rate of course.
  4. Panel choice- You have to decide between two panels. You can take an IPS panel or TN panel. Now if you are looking for better color rates, but lower refresh rates you should go for IPS panel monitor with 60Hz refresh rate 1440p, and this is a good choice for those who are playing online games and those who want their frames per second to be perfect. But if you want to sacrifice viewing angles and frames per second for better refresh rate and better resolution, I suggest you take the monitor with TN panel and 144Hz refresh rate. It will run great but some games you can only play on medium settings which is good for a decent gaming experience. But in my opinion I will always go for lower refresh rate and better details then for higher refresh rates and worse details, or even some lags.

In my opinion the best choice for this graphics card is a 27-inch monitor with IPS panel and 60Hz refresh rate, with QHD resolution( 1440p ) at 2560×1440, and if you take this kind of monitor you will surely not make any mistake.

Asus VG248QE

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This is a great monitor with awesome gaming specifications. With 1 millisecond response time, this beast here is the top choice for the best gaming experience. The refresh rate of 144Hz makes it great for some games, and they can be played on medium settings for the best experience. You can try the beast mode but I don’t really know how it will fit GTX 970, I think not so good. This monitor is 24 inch and it is 1920×1080 resolution. With aspect ratio 16:9 this monitor provides you with awesome colors. You can connect it to HDMI port and it will run great. On this monitor, you can also watch movies without any problem, in full HD resolution, and the feeling will be 10/10. The monitor can be turned into portrait mode, which makes this monitor top choice for the multi-monitoring system. This one is the mix of choices, and I would definitely try gaming on it because it is not so big but it has great aspects and awesome refresh rates.

Acer Predator Z35

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The second place on my list belongs to one of the greatest monitors I have ever tried. With a screen size of 35 inches, this monitor would be in the first three places of my buying lists. It’s literally a television screen! Ultrawide curved monitor, provides you with 21:9 aspect ratio, and this is awesome for the gaming experience. But not so awesome thing is the response time of 4 millisecond, which is the worst thing on this monitor really. If they have put 2 milliseconds or 1 millisecond this one would be perfect gaming monitor, but it is what it is. 144Hz refresh rate with VA panel is the perfect choice for the curved monitor, and it gives you top gaming experience when you are looking from any angle possible. Curves make gaming more intense and more interesting. Like all from the Predator series, it will provide you with a great gaming experience, but this aspect ratio kills me and that’s why this monitor would not be the first on my buying list. The speakers are not so strong, but if you don’t have any other they will do the work for sure. I like curved monitors and they will for sure give you top gaming experience.

Acer Predator XB271HU

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One more Acer on my list and one more predator also. A 27-inch monitor with great resolution is big and it provides you with great viewing angles. This one I think that it would be first on my list because I like predator monitors and I like 1-millisecond monitors. G sync technology makes this one strong gaming monitor. With IPS panel and 4 milliseconds response time that can be lowered to 1 millisecond, this one is the top choice. 144Hz IPS panel is great to monitor with great colors, but not so cheap also. 2560×1440 resolution is awesome and it supports 2K, native and maximum resolution. 144Hz can be overclocked up to 165Hz refresh rate which is so awesome because it is top refresh rate that you can get with this kind of monitor. It can be turned into portrait mode and it is an awesome gaming monitor. With HDMI port you can connect it easily to GTX970 and the most important thing is that this one supports G-sync and it makes it the best choice for one gaming monitor for this card.

Dell S2417DG

This one is the smallest monitor on my list. It is a 23.8-inch monitor, made using LCD technology. It is a great gaming monitor, and it is QHD. With a resolution of 2560×1440, this monitor is capable of running games smoothly and providing you with a great gaming experience. 1000:1 contrast ratio gives you great colors and awesome pictures. 1 millisecond response time brings the gaming up to maximum and settings can get on the beast mode. With a fast 165Hz refresh rate it will run smooth and hopefully without any errors. The most important thing is that this monitor supports NVIDIA G-sync technology and gaming will be clear and with great resolution on 165Hz. No matter how fast you are moving, you are going to be able to see gameplay clear and with awesome viewing angles. Lags will be gone because the response time of 1 millisecond is perfect for gaming. This monitor is compatible of providing you with a great experience, and even it is small, it is able to give you the option for playing in awesome beast mode, without lags, and with the great gaming experience. For all you gamers out there, this is the great choice.