Best Monitor for RPG Gaming

RPG, role-playing games are my favorite category of games. I love Call of Duty, Skyrim, and the Witcher, those are my 3 favorite games from the RPG category. The RPG games are games where you are completing missions with a following story. They focus on tales, adventures and they are pretty awesome. The Witcher 3, for example, did the best job with connecting tales and adventures, and it is really a perfect game for those who like completing missions, killing and of course an awesome gaming experience. Without question, it is one of the best RPG games, and it presents the soul and the style of perfect RPG game. The role-playing is very fun with a lot of features and a lot of options to choose from. With a good RPG game, comes a very hard task for your graphics card and for your monitor. For the best gaming experience and for pulling maximum output from an RPG game, you will need a good graphics card and the monitor that matches it. You don’t want frames per second to drop while you are playing your favorite game or picture melting. It really is not the thing that anyone will want.

Monitor Buying Criteria for RPG Games

There are several things that you need to have in mind when you are buying a monitor for your RPG gaming, and they are very important.

  1. Resolution– it depends on your graphics card, your money and your needs of course. Gaming monitors can have several resolutions now, 1080p full HD, 1440p QHD or 2K as the people call it and 2160p UHD or 4K and that is the best resolution of all. Higher resolution means more pixels on your screen and with more pixels picture gets more detailed and clearer. The best option is to buy a 4K monitor, but they are expensive. I am gaming on the 2K monitor and it does the pretty good job while I am playing RPG games.
  2. Refresh rate– also an important thing, because it depends how many times will your picture refresh, and it is very important for RPG games because your character is always moving and you don’t want picture lags and stuff. So there are three types of usual monitor refresh rates, and those are 60Hz, 144Hz and 240Hz. The 240Hz monitor will really blow your mind, but it needs a very good graphics card that will cost a lot of money, so it is not my favorite option. I get satisfied with a 144Hz monitor, and it is the best solution because there is a slight difference between 144Hz and 240Hz, but between 60Hz and 144Hz the difference is huge so my top choice is the 144Hz monitor.
  3. Adaptive sync- the adaptive sync technology is very important because it prevents the melting of the picture, lags and screen tearing while you are playing games. There are two types of adaptive sync. There are free sync and G-sync. It depends on what graphics card you are playing with, because Freesync is only compatible with AMD graphics cards, and G-sync is only compatible with Nvidia graphics cards. I personally like AMD and I have been using their equipment since I bought my first computer, and their sync technology is free. Nvidia sync technology costs and you have to pay $100-$150 for their sync technology and it is only compatible with Nvidia graphics card, so first take a look at your card and then buy the monitor.
  4. The panel technology– very important thing when you are buying the monitor. There are two types of panel and only serious and experienced gamers can spot the difference. You can buy an IPS or TN panel monitor. Because I love watching movies and I don’t use monitor only for gaming I have bought myself an IPS monitor. It has better viewing angles and it has more accurate colors for reproduction. The only advantage of a TN panel is that they support faster response time and it is the only thing that are better than an IPS panel monitor.

4 Best Monitors for RPG Gaming

BenQ EX3501R

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B077P62F8X” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-monitor-monitor-20″ width=”500″]

I start this list with a curved monitor with Eye-care technology. Benq has made really great monitors and in my opinion, one of the best gaming monitors were made by this company. I am a huge fan of curved monitors and this one has really good specifications. With 35 inch screen, gaming on this monitor will reach a whole new dimension. Resolution of this monitor is 3440×1440 with 1800R curvature and it will literary blow your mind when you are gaming on it because color, motion, and pictures are top class. The refresh rate is okay and decent for gaming. It is 100Hz and some graphics cards with lower specifications can run this monitor just perfectly. When you try the curved monitor once, and when you experience gaming on it, you will never want a flat one again. It is great for gaming and I recommend it to anyone that wants to go for RPG gaming monitor with good specifications and for a decent price.

Asus MG248Q

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”495″ identifier=”B01BYU0GVC” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-monitor-monitor-20″ width=”500″]

This is a perfect gaming monitor, and it has a really good design. It has incredibly good specifications, and the performance is really top. It was made with great new technologies and it brings gaming to a whole new level. When you see it the first thing that comes to your mind is that this is perfect monitor for gaming. It is a 24-inch monitor with full HD resolution 1920×1080 and it is okay but not the best really. I would like to see it in a 2K version for better gaming experience and a clearer picture. It is compatible with the Nvidia graphics card, and if you own Nvidia graphics card, this monitor is the right one for you. It has an awesome response time and also awesome refresh rate. With a refresh rate of 144Hz this and also the Gsync will provide you screen tearing-free gaming which is the best because you don’t have to worry about it lagging.  The response time of 1 millisecond is important because in some action games you will need faster react and you don’t want for sure noticeable response time. In my opinion, this monitor is perfect for those that like smaller monitors, with full HD resolution and if you have Nvidia graphics card this is the perfect one for you.

Samsung CHG90

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If you have an AMD graphics card this monitor is really perfect for you. I personally love curved monitor with great resolutions. This is a Samsung CHG90 49 inch monitor, and it has literary blown my mind with the performances that it has. Refresh rate, response time, brightness, viewing angles everything is perfect. When it comes to curved monitors I personally like their type of panels, and in my opinion, they are really pleasant to watch. This monitor has a VA panel. With a large screen like this, your gaming experience climbs on a whole new level. Resolution of this screen is 3840×1080 and it is very intense. I think that this monitor is not good for lower powered graphics cards. The refresh rate of this monitor is 144Hz which is perfect for a great gaming experience. Response time is also perfect, it is 1 millisecond. One thing that I like the most on this monitor is that it supports awesome viewing angles and great colors. It is a monitor for everything that you want to do on it, but it is the best for the gaming experience. I am personally a fan of Samsung monitors, and I think that this one will for sure blow your mind.

Alienware 25

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This monitor with design and performances is one of best gaming monitors that I have ever tried. It has great design and very high refresh rate which is very important for gaming because it is a key thing when you are in motion and playing RPG games. This monitor supports FreeSync and Gsync technology which is awesome, and you will never come into a situation where screen tearing happens with this monitor. The performances are really great, the response time of this monitor is 1 millisecond and it is really good for the serious gaming experience. The refresh rate is 240Hz. But there are several things that I didn’t like about this monitor. For example, it has not so great display technology because it is only 1080p full HD resolution on the 25-inch display, and seriously I think that they could make it at least with 2K resolution. And the other thing that I didn’t like is that this monitor is too expensive, really it costs around $600. I mean it is worth it, but they could at least make it with a bigger screen and better resolution. But for every RPG gamer out there this monitor will do a great job, and I think for that reason it is worth buying.