Best Monitor for Text Clarity

Why Text Clarity is Important for Computer Use

If we are writing, doing research or doing any job that needs reading on your computer, the first thing that you need is the clarity of the text. If you are reading on the monitor that has low text clarity then after some time your eyes will start getting tired and you will have problems with going on with reading the text.

If you are doing your work for long hours you for sure don’t want your eyes to get tired with some monitor with low specifications, and with bad text clarity. The solution to this problem is getting a new monitor.

If you keep using the monitor with bad text clarity for a long time, your eyesight will get worse, and you will need glasses. Sometimes the great monitor with full HD resolution can have a bad text clarity and that is really the situation when you can’t work on that monitor, can’t read online books or doing anything that needs reading or writing.

On Windows, however, you have this technology called ClearType and when you turn it on it makes the text sharper and easier to read on the screens. Windows 10 is also the system that supports ClearType technology and it is usually turned on by default.

If you see text blurry and not clear then your ClearType is not turned on. If it is turned on then there is a problem with your monitor. Here is how you can do it quick and easy:

  1. Turn on ClearType- If you want to turn ClearType on you should go on Windows search box, type ClearType and select Adjust ClearType text and open it in the control panel. When the window opens, you should check the box next to Turn on ClearType and there you are, ClearType is on.
  2. Pick the text that looks best to you- the windows will show you several windows and samples of text so you should pick which one is the best for you and when you select the window that suits you click next.
  3. Adjust brightness- the next option is adjusting brightness level which is important because the brightness can also be a problem when you are reading some text on your computer. You should never read under the brightness 50 or over 70 because it can be hard and intense for your eyes and they can get tired.

And there you go, you just turned on the ClearType option, which is very important when you are doing any research or even book reading. If even that didn’t help and your monitor has blurry text, then you should for sure consider buying a new monitor as an option.

3 Best Computer Monitors for Text Clarity

1. NEC MultiSync EX241UN

Best Monitor for Text Clarity

This is the perfect monitor for work and reading the text documents. It has a very strong performance and it is energy efficient which is very important for the company or your own business. This monitor is not so expensive, and it will for sure save you a lot of money.

With great specifications, this monitor is for sure worth buying. It has a lot of ports and it is supporting ControlSync management technology. This technology is great for monitors for works and it does a pretty nice job. This monitor has implemented speakers, and they are not so strong.

The stand is stiff and it is the only thing that I don’t like about this monitor.This monitor is 24 inch with MultiSync technology and it is a well-equipped business monitor that offers great opportunities in the IT field. It is also a good monitor for graphics design or for charts job.

This monitor delivers great color and the grayscale performance, and that is why you should for sure buy it for your company or your own business. This monitor is low priced, but it has pretty nice specifications for the business monitor.

The screen with 24 inches 1920×1080 full HD resolution will provide you great reading experience, and the text is really perfect on this monitor. The response time of 60Hz is pretty good when you are writing fast and typing, the picture will not lag and you will not have a problem with fast typing.

The great specifications of this monitor are providing you a great text clarity and it is also a very good monitor for work. See its price here

2. BenQ PD3200U

BenQ PD3200U - great monitors for text reading

This monitor has a pretty nice specification, and it is perfect monitor for work. It was made for work, and it is for sure not a gaming monitor. The specifications are really great, big screen that provides you comfort while you are reading the stuff or doing any kind of research.

The screen size is 32 inch and it is a very big monitor for a work monitor which I personally like. The resolution of this monitor is 3840×2160 and it is a great resolution for working.

The IPS panel is very important when it comes to reading and text clarity because you can read from a different angle, the text will not lose the quality and the picture will not melt. This is a great monitor because it has very good viewing angles.

The LED backlight provides you with a not intense screen for eyes, and your eyes will for sure not get tired easy. The brightness of this monitor is 350, and it gives you a very large scale to choose from when you are adjusting your monitor’s brightness while you are reading.

The response time of this monitor is 4 milliseconds and the refresh rate is 60Hz. This stuff is not really important for a work monitor, and we will focus on its brightness and colors that are outstanding. The color gamut is 100% sRGB which makes this monitor also great for doing any design. See the latest price here

3. Acer H277HK

Text Clarity monitors

The Acer seven series are made for the great viewing experience, and for work. This monitor has great design and it also has a great specification. It is a 27-inch monitor and on 3840×2160 resolution it works 4K, which is an outstanding performance for a work monitor.

The brightness is a little bit lower then I like but for sure this will do a good job. The brightness of this monitor is 300 and it is pretty okay but as I said I like when it is 350 or higher. The LED backlight is providing a great eye experience and while you are reading your eyes will not for sure get tired.

The IPS panel on this monitor offers you a great comfort with plenty of options. You have a bunch of possibilities while you are reading. You can choose different angles and different brightness. The response time of this monitor is 4 milliseconds with great gray to grayscale.

This monitor is perfect because it supports 1.07 billion of colors, and that specification makes it awesome. The one thing that I really like about this monitor is design. It has this work design with great style. This stand is the best thing on the monitor in my opinion and I would for sure like to have this one in my office. Check it out here