Best Monitor for Eye Strain

When you look at a monitor for several hours, you are just looking into one surface. The light from the monitor affects directly your eyes and it is bad, and after some time you will have to start wearing glasses. However, LCD screens are screens that are easy on the eyes and they usually have an anti-reflective surface. CRT monitors can cause flicker of images which is the first sign that your monitor is causing the eye strain. Of course there are ways for eye strain relief, but the best way is when you have to work for a long hours, if you are watching a monitor for an hour, you should for at least 3 minutes watch something else, even if it may be the wall or things that have just one color and that are not so intense for your eyes. After a few times, you will start seeing the difference between the times that you do that and the times you don’t it is easy eye practice and it is really good and relaxing. One more tip, you should blink more often. Blinking is important when you blink more often your eyes will not get dry and there would be no irritation on them.

Of course, it will not fully prevent eye strain, so you will have to make some adjustments to your monitor:

  1. Use proper lighting- the brightness of the surface that you are watching is one of the most important things when it comes to eye strain. If you are looking at bright monitor for a long time, your eyes can get strained and they may start hurting. I had that problem before and then I bought glasses, reduced brightness, and everything is perfect.
  2. Minimize glare- Glare on the walls and surface, and the reflection on your monitor can cause eye strain. If you look at a bright surface for too long, it is not good as well as the reflection can cause pretty bad eye strain. So the best solution is to buy an anti-glare protector for your computer monitor. It reduces brightness, and it reduces glare in the first place. It is a good thing and everyone that is working under some light should have one.
  3. Adjust display settings- as I said the brightness is the main cause of eye strain, and you should keep it on normal levels. As a test, you should look at the white background of the web page and if it looks like a light source it is too bright, but if it seems gray it may be too dark. Adjusting text and contrast is very important for someone who is working and reading a lot on the computer. You should adjust the text on normal size and contrast for comfort. The color temperature is a spectrum of visible light emitted by a color display. You should adjust it properly so your eyes would not get strained.

Reviews of 5 Best Monitors for Eye Strain

  1. BenQ GL2760H As we all know, BenQ company is making great monitors with really good eye caring technology systems. This monitor is really good, and it is low priced but a monitor with some decent performances. The resolution 1920×1080 runs on Full HD without any problem and for this priced monitor it has great specifications. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 16:9 which is good for games and for work. It supports 16 million colors which is really good for eye care because it is a great color specter. The TN panel on this monitor is the only thing that I didn’t like and I am sure that I would like to see this one in IPS edition. This monitor supports Flicker-Free technology which is really great for eye strain. This monitor is designed for eye caring, and the exclusive eye-care technologies reduce eye fatigue for user’s comfort and for pleasure while working or playing games on it. This monitor has 2 milliseconds response time which is really good gaming specification for the low price. For anyone that is looking for some low priced eye caring monitor this one is for sure great option, and I am also sure that you will enjoy this monitor as much as I did when I was using it. .
  2. Asus PB277Q

With TN LED panel this monitor is good for your eyes, and without any question, it has some outstanding colors. This is a great monitor for gaming and from my experience, I can tell that it is perfect for sophisticated gamers that play games for over 10 hours a day. This monitor has great technology which prevents you from eye strain and you can play some serious intense graphics settings on it. The 27 inches screen is perfectly wide and it offers a great view. However even if it is 2K, I personally don’t like TN panels, because I love to lay down and watch movies. But when you have TN panel monitor, it can be a problem because colors are mashing up if you are watching from the wrong angle. The resolution of this monitor is 2560×1440 and it is really good. With 1 millisecond response time and great smart contrast ratio, this monitor is almost perfect for gaming and I would reccommend it to any gamer that is looking for eye caring monitor.

3. ViewSonic VA2759

The IPS panel with a great screen colors and design, makes this monitor one of the best monitors for preventing the eye strain. Frameless bezel design is really outstanding and without question this monitor will do a great job. Flicker-free technology and blue light filter help you to minimize the eye strain, and you can look at the monitor as much as needed. The resolution of this monitor is FullHD 1920×1080 and it is a really great resolution. Picture is clear and good. This monitor offers several features and you can select which one you want. There are some options like Mono, Movie, Game, Text and Web. You can select from these five whichever one you need. I would use the text one for work and the game one for the best gaming experience. The response time of this monitor is 5 milliseconds and it is pretty decent for some medium settings gaming without any graphics intense games. The panel surface of this monitor is anti-glare and hard-coating which is great for your eyes care and it will prevent some serious eye strain issues. I really like this monitor and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for eye caring and monitor for work.

4. Dell UltraSharp U2412M This is the monitor with really good technical support and with great specifications also. I like it because it has really good performances and this one is really great for any occasion that you want to work in. The slogan of this monitor says It’s okay to stare, and it really is. With 24 inch monitor, it has outstanding and perfect performance. It offers you perfect, clear 1920×1200 resolution with awesome performances for working. I just need to say now that this is not a gaming monitor, this is only a monitor that is great for a long time working in your office, and you can look in it as much as you need, your eyes will not get damaged. It has amazing specifications as well as 2 million colors, and 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio which is a really good aspect ratio for any needed occasion. The thing that I don’t like about this monitor and the thing that prevents it from becoming a gaming monitor is the response time. It is very low and it is 8 milliseconds. I personally don’t think that I could go for some serious gaming with this monitor, but for working and for long hours in the office I would for sure take this one.

5. Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q

This monitor is perfect for eye care. With great colors and nice brightness adjustment settings this is one of the best choices for long hours in front of your monitor. With a great big 27 inch resolution, this monitor is perfect for gaming and working for long hours. It works on 2560×1440 resolution which is great and wide, and it is a really good resolution for every occasion. The only thing that I didn’t like is the response time and it is 4 millisecond. It is good for some decent medium gaming experience, but for some serious modes I think that it would not do such a great job. The design of this monitor is really a gaming design. The IPS panel is also a plus because it is good for your eyes and it also has great viewing angles. With 100% sRGB color accuracy this monitor offers great possibilities when it comes to long hours. The colors are great and the gaming experience will be great as well. In my opinion a really good monitor for gaming or work, whatever you choose.