Best Monitor Stand

Monitors are quite essential when it comes to the use of computers and other devices. In order to enjoy the convenience of a monitor, you need to find the right monitor stand. If you work for very long periods on your computer, you would need to be comfortable in all aspects. Your posture will be determined by the type of monitor stand that you have. Most of the modern monitor stands will provide flexibility so as to suit your comfort and there are so many choices out on the market. It might be, rather, confusing to buy the best monitor stand. If this is your first time to shop for a stand, you have landed on the right page; we will provide a guide that answers any questions that you may have. Studies indicate that when you have the right monitor stand, productivity will significantly improve. Anything that you do on the computer will not be strenuous since the monitor stand will allow you to adjust the monitor to your desirable position. Before taking a look at some of the top models of monitor stands, there are a few things that we need to highlight for your better understanding of monitor stands.

Benefits of Monitor Stands

Getting a monitor stand is imperative. If you have been hesitating about purchasing one, let’s highlight some of the benefits that you stand to gain when using a monitor stand:

  • Irrespective of the device that you want to use with your monitor, you will not strain as a result of bad posture. You can adjust the monitor stand to a comfortable height.
  • Monitor stands are flexible, which allows you to tilt, rotate, swivel and elevate the monitor. This will prevent any neck and shoulder fatigue or strain.
  • There are monitor stands that will include a shelf for the keyboard and other items that may not be in use.
  • When you attach your monitor to the stand, it will be secure and this will prevent any damages as a result of mobbing or falling from the desk.
  • There are stands that will accommodate several monitors, at ago, and these will be ideal for setting up video walls.
  • A monitor stand will elevate the monitor from your desk and this will create more work space on your desk.

Anyone who has a monitor needs to have a monitor stand. The only difference may be in the specific type of stand that you will need, but you certainly need one. Whether you are just an average office worker, avid gamer, photo or video editor, a monitor stand is essential. As mentioned above, there are so many benefits attributed to having a monitor stand and you will want to enjoy them. If you often do presentations or use multiple monitors at once, you will find the monitors stands to be quite useful, for such purposes. At the end of this guide you will be able to tell the particular type of monitor stand that will suit your needs, in the best way possible.


  • The price of monitor stands is quite high for most people. As such, average consumers prefer to place their monitors on their desk without a stand.
  • The monitor stands that come with various segments will start getting loose after a while and this may be frustrating.
  • Some of the stands will prevent easy connections like using LAN, which forces you to detach the monitor first.
  • The multiple monitor stands will reduce the workspace available.

Certainly, a monitor stand is a great accessory to have. However, a wise buyer will compare all the factors, including the cons listed above, so as to find the best monitor stand.

Factors to Consider

Flexibility: Depending on the type of work that you use your monitor for, find a stand that can move in various directions any difficulty. There are those that come with a fixed height, while others are adjustable. Some support one screen size while others handle different sizes of screens.

Design: There are so many models and designs of monitor stands. When shopping for one, you need to find one that will handle all your needs effectively. You would need something with a great design, and presentable.

Material and Durability: Bearing in mind that the monitor stands are quite costly, you need to check the materials used to build it. It should be strong and durable, so as to make it a worthwhile investment.

Weight of the Screen: When looking at the monitor stand, you should bear in mind the weight it can handle. This will help in determining if it is ideal for your screen. You would not want your screen to drop from the stand. A very heavy screen keeps pulling the stand down while a light one may keep rising.

Orientation: Can the stand allow you to rotate your screen from portrait to landscape and vice versa? This is an essential consideration, since there are tasks that will be viewed better in landscape while others will be better in portrait orientation.

Top Manufacturers

  • Ergotech
  • Rosewill
  • Amazon
  • Dell
  • Vivo

Review of the Best Monitor Stands

In our review of the best monitor stands, we have incorporated different factors like price range, features and so on. This is a simple guide that may ultimately help you in finding the best monitor stand.

Ergotech Freedom Arm Monitor Stand

The Ergotech Freedom Arm is a single monitor stand that has quite a number of unique features. This monitor stand is ideal for LCD monitors and can easily mount to any desk.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”394″ identifier=”B00FE2NVV4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-monitor-monitor-20″ width=”500″]

The Freedom Arm has the capacity to support monitors from 20 pounds to 30.8 pounds. It has a full extensive range of 26.7 inches and tilts 45 degrees along and 90 degrees upwards. You will enjoy a 360 full rotation and a pan of 180 degrees. With monitor stand, you will enjoy the versatility of moving the monitor freely to your comfort level. The stylish stand has an articulating arm that comes with a desk clamp base and an 8” pole, which makes it compatible with PC and iMac monitors that have inbuilt VESA compatibility. It is very easy to operate this stand as it comes with a single button to make all the necessary height adjustments. In as much as this stand looks simple, it will certainly improve your workstation and overall productivity.

Dell Single Monitor Articulating Arm

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”375″ identifier=”B00C6CMZVC” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-monitor-monitor-20″ width=”500″]

The Dell MSA14 is a single arm monitor which is made specifically to ensure that you get a comfortable view. It offers multiple adjustments like swivel, tilt, height adjustment and pivot options. You can attach the stand to Dell monitors using the VESA mount on the back, without any screws. When you take up this monitor, you will be amazed at the amount of space you will create on your desk. The main components that you will find with the stand include articulating arm, VESA adapter plate and the screws. If you have monitors that do not have the Quick Release functionality, you can use the screws to attach the stand to your monitor. The stand comes with an integrated cable management feature that will keep your workstation neat at all times. When you use the stand with a Dell system, you will get technical support from the team. Over and above, it has been trusted to ensure that it works well with your monitor. It can support monitors that weigh up to 20.5 pounds, comfortably.

Rosewill RHMS-13001 Dual Swivel Arm

Rosewill RHMS-13001 Dual Swivel Arm is a dual monitor stand that is considered to be ideal for any workstation. Do not worry that the brand is not popular, but the focus should be on the numerous features that it has to offer. It is one of the stands that have surpassed the expectations of many people. The elegant, stylish and ergonomic design will appeal to you when you look at it.

The Rosewill RHMS-13001 Dual Swivel Arm is made from high quality material, which is an assurance of quality and durability. This has become one of the best stands for Apple users as it is compatible with the 24” iMac and the Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display. It is quite affordable, which is a big plus for most users. It has a quick snap feature as well as a C-clamp support. This allows it to be stable and gives it the capacity to hold up to 30.8 pounds. The assembly and dismounting of this stand is quite easy and straightforward. It is ideal for exhibition displays due the easy and fast mounting.

Amazon Basics Single Monitor Display Mounting Arm

The AmazonBasics single monitor arm comes with an easy setup for mid-sized displays. This is one of the unique stands in that you can lower it way below the lowering bracket, when you need to. This is attributable to the fact that it adjusts fast and the smooth-flowing motion. You will get full range adjustments with this arm and you can easily adjust height, pivot, and swivel or tilt the stand to place the monitor in a convenient place.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”371″ identifier=”B00MIBN16O” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-monitor-monitor-20″ width=”500″]

With the various features that the AmazonBasics stand comes with, you will be able to enjoy the best viewing position. This means that you will not suffer from neck, shoulder or back pains when using the monitor. The flexibility of the stand will also reduce strain on your eyes, even when you work for extended hours. The stand is made from quality material, which makes it sturdy and durable. The mounting arm will save a whole lot of desk space. It supports monitors that weigh up to 25 pounds.

Loctek Adjustable Desk Mount (D7H)

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B00SSMHB4U” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-monitor-monitor-20″ width=”500″]

This is a high-end single mounting arm, which will give you a great display position and save you significant desk space. It is very easy to install and adjust this arm and you will reduce your level of discomfort to a great level. With the gas spring hovering system, you will be able to adjust the height of the monitor graciously. The monitor stand is made from aircraft-grade aluminum with anti-scratch surface. This is what makes the stand quite durable. As part of the adjustment features, you can rotate the arm, horizontally to 180 degrees. The high quality ball joints will make it possible to swivel and tilt the monitor as you desire. With the cable management feature integrated, you will be able to have a tidy desk at all times. You can choose to rotate the monitor to landscape or portrait orientation and the torque control will regulate the movement of the monitor arm. The mounting arm is loaded with front-loading ports for USB 3.0, audio and mic, which you can utilize.

Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Mount

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”413″ identifier=”B017WSZPL6″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-monitor-monitor-20″ width=”500″]

This is a triple monitor stand that will enhance multi-tasking and improve productivity. You can mount 15-inch to 27-inch screens, with a maximum 17.7 pounds on every mount. It has a sturdy industrial-grade base which will keep the monitor firm and stable at all times. The Jestik Horizon will allow you to rotate, tilt or swivel your monitor up to 360°. Using a single motion, you will easily toggle between the portrait and landscape modes. This makes it easier to align the monitor to the comfort of your body. The installation is quite easy and you will not require any additional tools since it has a Quick Release feature. It can be used with monitors that are VESA compliant and will also work with curved monitors. At the end of it all, it will save you a whole lot of space that three monitors would ordinarily occupy. There is cable management, which allows you to have an uncluttered workspace. Your monitors will be safe in this stand as it comes with an anti-theft kit. This stand will certainly be ideal for anyone who works with multiple screens.


From the review of the various monitors, you will realize that the definition of a best monitor stand will vary. This will be influenced by the particular needs that you have. When looking for a monitor stand, find one that will give you a good posture. This will prevent any muscle strain and pains when you are working in front of your screen. The flexibility of the monitor stand is imperative and is one of the features that you should pay keen attention to. Finally, ensure that you get a monitor stand that is strong and durable. Follow our guide and you can be assured of picking the best monitor stand.