Best Monitor for Triple Monitor Setup

The sight of three monitors, arranged perfectly together offers you the perfect view and the perfect three-sided picture, and even thinking about gaming on three monitors is awesome, but when you do it, one monitor setup will be nothing for you. Setup of three monitors gives you a great opportunity to try new spectrum of gaming, and it is brilliant, when you turn on the newest game and play it in three pictures, the gaming experience is great. It is not so hard to set up three monitors, it is a little bit overpriced, but for the service that you get it is perfect. Luckily, we’re on your side to help decipher the best monitor for triple monitor setup.

When you want an ultra-wide picture and full gaming experience, feeling like you are in the game, a triple monitor setup is a perfect thing for you. With three monitors you will never miss a thing, and with these three buddies, you go for full experience and great wide picture. I am just talking about gaming, but triple monitor setup is perfect for work. You can watch three separate pictures, three separate graphics or even if you work in AutoCAD or some program that needs a wider picture. For this setup, you need to check your graphics card first, check how many ports it has and elementary things like that so that you can run your triple monitor setup perfectly.

4 Best Monitors for Triple Monitor Setup

1. ViewSonic VA2759

This monitor will blow your mind in terms of it being the right combination with other great monitors. For triple monitor setup, this one is perfect. With 27 inch display, it is extra large for triple monitor setup, and it brings gaming on a whole new level. Having this monitor in your setup is a great thing. Resolution is 1920×1080 full HD which is great for gaming. The refresh rate of 60Hz is also good because you will have a decent picture and decent performance, even if you are playing some games with intense graphics. LED display stands perfectly for this type of setup and my advice is to take three same monitors with the same panel and the same specifications.

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You can also take one middle monitor that will be in charge and the two monitors that will be around them, but these two have to be the same, for the quality of picture and decent performance. It is hard to adjust your eye on three different displays, and that is the best reason to buy three of the same monitors with similar specifications.

2. Acer R240HY

This is one of the best monitors for triple monitor setup that you can find, and with IPS panel it is great for gaming and decent settings. With zero frame design, it is perfect for triple monitor setup because you will hardly see the difference between two monitors. The resolution of this monitor is 1920×1080, and it is full HD. These are great specifications for the gaming monitors, and if you want to take triple monitor setup with this make/model, you will not regret it.

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The response time of this monitor is four millisecond which is okay for decent gaming experience and performance, but I would like to see this model in 1-millisecond version because it is slightly different, but when you are gaming for a long time you can notice it. The viewing angles of this monitor are awesome, and they are critical in triple monitor setup because you want to look in all three monitors in the same time and you don’t want to see the color difference, or some color mash up.

3. HP Pavilion

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This monitor is good for triple monitor setup with decent gaming performances without lags or any problems. In my opinion, the screen is a bit small for this price, but other performances are okay. With 21.5 inch screen, this monitor works on HD 1920×1080 resolution, which is good for some decent medium gaming setups. Seven millisecond response time makes this monitor a little bit more monitor for work because gaming on seven millisecond response time, is not so good and you can’t play some modern games with intense graphics on some higher settings. If you are looking for decent triple monitor setup for work, buy three from this model, and you will not regret it. Performances are good, and the design is pretty nice for some decent triple monitor settings.

4. ViewSonic VP2468

With 24 inches this monitor is really in the middle of every triple monitor system. IPS panel on this monitor provides you great viewing angles, and if you are going for triple monitor setup, this is the most important stuff. For some decent gaming setting and for a decent price you can get this monitor if that is what you are looking for and you will for sure not regret it. This monitor is 24 inches monitor with 1920×1080 full HD resolution, and these performances are great. But the response time of 5 milliseconds is quite low for some good gaming in the beast mode, if you are going for this monitor as a gaming monitor the medium graphics setup is the best that you can pull out to the maximum.

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The 60Hz refresh rate is okay for gaming, and this is what gives this monitor the opportunity to be a decent gaming monitor. For some new graphics intense, games this monitor can’t provide you the maximum of performances. If you are going for decent priced, monitor with good specifications for work, this one is the one for you. You can work in AutoCAD or any CAD program without a problem, on triple monitor setup.

Best Triple Monitor Stand

If you are going for the stand, you need to have in mind what size of monitor you have, because there are different sizes and different models of the stands. Ergotech is the best stand for the triple monitor in my opinion, and it comes with multiple features and those are great. The great thing about this stand is that it looks like it has no stand when you are looking at your final setup. You can see only stand under the middle monitor, so the shape of this stand is like wings. The stand is nice and thin it is not too thick which is great for your desk, and the stand itself does not take a lot of space.

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The position is a great thing and necessary thing when you are going for triple monitor setup because, it is what your monitors will stand on and that will be there all the time, so you don’t want it to be huge and prominent, so I think that going for Ergotech is the best option. It will fit the desk correctly, and it will look decent, because it is only one stand, and it will not take a lot of space in your office. It has multiple features for the monitors, so you can place them in your desired mode, and enjoy the gaming or if needed, working.

Best Desk for Triple Monitors

There are several choices to choose from if you are going to buy a desk for your triple monitor setup. You can go to a good and large office, but I don’t really like that option because it takes up a lot of space, and it looks massive in your room. The bigger desk is hard to clean, and also I like counters with glass features, not all full wood. You can go to a standard flat desk, and it is a good option because it is not so hard to keep it clean and you get a good view of the situation. You can move it whenever you want because this kind of desk is not very bulky and large, they are just thin, decent desks but capable of running your triple monitor setup efficiently and smoothly.

But if you want to go for another option, in my opinion, the best one is L shaped desk because you can put your middle monitor in the corner and sit correctly with a great view of the situation. It is easy to keep clean, and you can also move it without any problems because it is not so heavy. The feeling when you are sitting at this desk is great because it has this black glass and it is cold and comfortable. I have always been working on an L shaped desk, and the feeling is right, gaming experience is good because you can roll your chair and start gaming without any problems.

I don’t like flat desks because they are too simple in my opinion, but I prefer L shaped. In a year I will for sure go to buy a new desk for my triple monitor setup, and trust me I will for sure go for a L shaped desk or a corner workstation. The most important thing I didn’t mention, the name of the desk is Walker Edison Soreno, and you can also split this desk into three pieces, which is a nice feature if you ever want to go just for one flat desk.