VIOTEK GN32C 32 Inch Gaming Monitor Review

Does the averagely priced gaming monitor have what it takes?

It won’t be wrong to say that technology is evolving every second. One feature today may sound old tomorrow. The TV examples are in front of us. They were these big boxed TVs everyone was so proud to have them, and then the design changed, and the LCDs came and after that LEDs were the hot cake in the market and now, now the market has taken over by these super stylish curved monitors with a display ranging from HD (High Definition) to UHD (Ultra High Definition) to 4K (any resolution with a horizontal pixel count of approximately 4000) which is a lot of fun experience.

Now this super stylish VIOTEK GN32C is explicitly made for the gamers. Yeah, you read it right. The curved screen with a Full HD 1080 resolution will surely make your gaming experience worth it. Say goodbye to your old monitors because the curve is the new hot and it’s time to add this beautiful thing in your wish list.

Every single feature of this curved monitor will keep you on the top of your game. Now let’s get down the specifications of this Monitor so we can know whether it has what it takes to be placed at our desk or not.

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  • A 32-inch curved screen which looks fantastic. The design, the quality, and the finish are just so good.
  • A Full HD 1920X1080 resolution so you won’t miss any small detail while playing your favorite game.
  • A 16:9 full screen display so there is no annoying void space.
  • A mind-blowing 144Hz refresh rate.
  • A 4ms response time so the pixels transition is more rapid which is one of the things gamers wish for the most.
  • Of course with a refresh rate like this, a VA (Vertical Alignment) panel is there to support it.
  • AMD Freesync technology to optimize the refresh rate for the various RTS and FPS games.
  • HDMI, DVI ports are present to let you choose the connectivity type.
  • Low Blue Light effect which reduces eye strain so you can play your favorite games without any worry.

The above-mentioned specifications are impressive. One can crave for the monitor by reading those specs. One of the major selling points of the VIOTEK GN32C is the Freesync technology and a 144Hz refresh rate.

With these things, you’ll have super smooth pictures and super smooth gaming experience.


Design of the product is average. The whole body is made of plastic except the frame and the base. The structure and the base are quite rigid. There are minimal bezels, so the screen looks very beautiful. The plastic work indicates that this monitor is, in fact, an average priced product.


The performance, majorly, has already been discussed but one thing that needs to be mentioned is that this monitor has a 20,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio so the blacks are going to look very black and the white balance may require some calibration. There is an HDMI 1.4, a DVI and a display port that are just different options given to the user of the monitor to connect to it. Now the importance of the HDMI 1.4 port is that you can send 1080p 144Hz signals to the monitor via HDMI cable and you don’t specifically have to use the DVI port or display port for it.


This beautiful product comes at a price of $270-$300. Now, this is impressive. All those mind-blowing features in just $300 are exciting. Freesync technology, 144Hz refresh rate and a curved screen in this price make one consider upon buying this product.


So with all the discussion, the VIOTEK GN32C is an option if you are considering buying a monitor. It is beauty and performance which is a fantastic duo for all the gamers out there. One thing I need to discuss is the screen size concerning resolution. With a 32 inch screen, there is a distance of roughly two to three feet where gamers will find themselves seeing pixels while playing the game or surfing the web. Now for the people who are concerned about seeing the pixels might note the pixels because the screen size is large. In my opinion, the optimal screen size for this kind of display should be no higher than 27 inches. But, with a price tag of as low as $300 you have to make compromises and it’s up to you to judge whether or not those compromises are worth the price. The only improvement I can think of in this monitor is the 1440p resolution because that will do the true justice to the 32 inches screen size.