Windows 10 Home vs Pro for Gaming

Windows 10 marketed as the last major Windows upgrade you will need. It stands to reason that many of us have taken the plunge. Many more may still be on the fence, especially when it comes down to choosing which version of Windows 10 is best for specific tasks. In this article we will focus on the most suitable windows 10 for gamers. More specifically, the differences between the Home and Pro versions of Windows 10 for gaming purpose.

The Basics

First let us to determine the differences between the two. Let’s take a closer look at Windows 10 itself and what both packages have to offer. Windows 10 on the whole is laden with new features. The return of the start menu, providing a more easily navigable beginning point to the user. There is also the new digital assistant “Cortana”. This can be enabled with voice activation to help guide you and complete a variety of tasks. Action Center which helps to display a wealth of information in its sidebar. This can assist you with a variety of commands. All ensuring that you have fast access to many settings. Coupling these additions with a much faster start-up time and all around more user friendly navigation than its recent predecessors, Windows 10 in any edition is a fantastic upgrade to indulge in which will greatly enhance your end-user experience.

Home or Pro

Now that you have decided to upgrade, let’s examine the two main options you can choose from when it comes to Windows 10. These are Home and Pro. It is important to firstly note, if you are automatically updating from previous Windows versions, your update choice will be made automatically. For example, those running Windows 8 Home version, will be automatically updated to Windows 10 Home version and the same when it comes to Pro. The differences in the two versions comparative to previous Windows versions are considered to be quite minimal. The main features which you will benefit from in the Pro version which are not included in the home version are:

  • BitLocker
  • EMEI (Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer)
  • Remote Desktop
  • Assigned Access 8.1
  • Client Hyper-V
  • Domain Join
  • Group Policy Management

The BitLocker feature allows users to encrypt both USB and Hard Drives. This can be of great benefit to security conscious users or those operating with mass or sensitive data.


For most of us upgrading to Windows 10 will be done for free from our previous versions. However to purchase a copy of Windows 10 Home edition will set you back $119 or $199 for the Pro version. For those users who wish to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro editions, the Windows 10 Pro pack is priced at $99.

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Benefits for Gamers

In truth, the resounding feeling is that most of the extra features of the Windows 10 Pro edition are suitable for the business user as opposed to the gamer. Pro will allow you slightly more control over the system. With more in-depth analytical features and allow the advanced user to tweak slightly. This may enhance CPU performance on a very marginal level. However, in all likelihood, the more advanced features of Pro can have the opposite result for gaming performance.


Resounding advice from other users is that Pro Is of little or no advantage to the average gamer and that you should stick with Home version for the most streamlined and effective gaming experience. Business users however may want to consider upgrading to the Pro package for the most comprehensive system usage.