Best Frameless Monitor | Moving Away from Limited Viewing

When you have a PC setup, one of the essential peripherals is the monitor. Irrespective of your type of professional, getting the right monitor will make the whole difference. Frameless monitors are part of the latest technology as far as monitors are concerned. Besides being attractive these monitors have exceptional design aesthetics and provide exceptional visual clarity.

If you are into multiple monitor setups, then the thin bezel or frameless monitors will come in handy. You will get a great view and be able to set up video walls, without any restrictions. While this is quite appealing, it important to be sure about the specific type of monitor that will serve your needs, and know the type of features that you should look for. Finding the best frameless monitor can be quite a daunting task since there are so many brands and models on the market.

The large and voluminous monitors are slowly fading from the market and pretty soon they will be extinct. The frameless monitors do not only come with a beautiful design, but they are portable and offer more functionality than the conventional monitors. With the ultra slim bezels, your multiple monitor set up will be seamless and there is exceptional continuity between the screens.

For the gamers, professional photographers and graphic designers, the frameless monitors will give you all the visual details that you may need. These monitors are loaded with amazing features that enhance visual clarity. Before going out to shop for the frameless monitor, there a number of things that you need to be aware of, and we will discuss them below.

Key Benefits

There are so many benefits that differentiate the frameless monitors from the other average screens. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Compact and Portable: This is one of the most obvious advantages that you will enjoy with the frameless monitors. They are smaller in size, thanks to the slim profile and quite light. This makes it easier to carry them around.
  • Great Design and Ergonomics: The frameless monitors have an appealing design and the ergonomics makes these screens appear stylish and elegant. As a result of the slim design, they will not take up too much of your desk space.
  • Technology and Performance: As much as the extra weight and volume of the screens have been shed off, the frameless monitors are quite advanced in terms of technology. With the display panels ranging from TN, IPS, AH-IPS and many others, the monitors provide optimal functionality. You will enjoy fast response time and quality visuals and color clarity.

Who Needs Frameless Monitors

The frameless monitors are quite effective and can be used for a number of people. Their functionality extends to different sectors and industries. For the hardcore gamers, this is the right screen as it comes with a high refresh rate and a fast response time. This is ideal for the Xbox and PS4. The frameless monitors are ideal for home entertainment as you will enjoy watching movies with the screen. You can use the screen for multiple set ups as well and have great continuity between the screens. This is what makes the frameless monitors ideal for different functions, due to their versatile nature.


One of the main concerns is the fact that these screens are quite expensive. As much as most people would want to have them, the price factor is a great limitation. In addition to this, due to their slim profile, they are quite delicate and may not withstand harsh environments. Even when setting up a video wall, you would need to be extremely cautious because one single mistake would cost you dearly.

However, the advantages and benefits of the frameless monitors outweigh these few drawbacks. As much as they monitors are costly, they are a worthwhile investment in the long run. You should overlook the price issue and consider what you will be getting.

Features to Consider

Having looked at some basic details about the frameless monitors, you now have a better understanding. However, since there are many models on the market, there are several features that you need to consider so as to make your choice:

  • Resolution: This is a top priority in choosing your frameless monitor. A greater resolution will guarantee better quality of the visuals. You should find a monitor with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is known as full HD.
  • Display Panel: There are two main types of display panels: IPS and TN. TN is the Twisted Nematic display panel and is known to have a fast response time, making it ideal for gaming purposes. IPs on the other hand, is In-Plane Switching panel, which offers a wider viewing angle, excellent color, clear images and adequate brightness. The IPS frameless monitors are more expensive, but have a slower response time.
  • Response Time: You should be fully aware of the response time of the monitor that you wish to purchase. Response time refers to the time it takes for a monitor to process the data received and display the image. A good monitor is one with a response time of 1ms to 5ms.
  • Refresh Rate: The refresh rate will determine the transition between frames. A refresh rate of 60 HZ is ideal for gaming and videos while the 144Hz monitor will have a higher refresh rate but cost you a whole lot more.
  • Energy Consumption: Most frameless screens are made in such a manner that they will conserve energy. Check if the monitor is eco-friendly as this will save the amount of energy consumed.
  • Ports: Technology has really advanced and you need to find a screen that offers a wider array of input/output ports. Some of the common options include DVI-sub, HDMI, DiplayPort, USB and VGA.
  • Vesa Mount: With a VESA mount option, you can easily fix your screen on the wall or hang it on a mounted panel. Most of the frameless monitors are VESA enabled, but you would need to check if you need any additional accessories to mount the screen.

Top Manufactures

  • AOC
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • BenQ
  • Dell
  • HP
  • LG
  • Lenovo
  • NEC
  • Planar
  • Samsung
  • ViewSonic

Review of Best Frameless Monitors

With all the knowledge that you have gathered above, you can easily be able to make an informed decision on the best frameless monitor to serve your needs. Here are some of the best models that are on the market that you may want to consider purchasing:

Dell Ultrasharp U2417HJ

Dell UltraSharp is a 24- inch monitor that comes with a wireless charging stand. The screen has wide viewing angles since it has an IPS display panel technology, which also ensures that the color is consistent from all angles. This monitor is full HD and has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which enhances the display.

The monitor offers seamless view since the 3 sides have ultra-thin bezels and this will minimize any form of distractions that may affect your view. This is also ideal for multi-monitor setups. The ultrawide 178/178 degree viewing angle will combine to offer an exceptional viewing angle.

This Dell monitor is quite versatile and has several connections, including DisplayPort, Mini-DP, HDMI, USB and audio line out ports. This will make is easier to connect all your devices. It is quite flexible since you pivot, swivel, tilt and adjust the height of your screen to get a comfortable viewing angle.

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The MX25AQ has an AH-IPS display panel and QuadHD resolution, which guarantees excellent visuals. The classic frameless design is quite unique and is supported by the sun-dial base. The dual HDMI and DisplayPort connections are part of the advanced connectivity options on this monitor. You will not need external speakers since the Bang and Olufse ICE power audio will give you quality sound.

The ASUS eye care technology is aimed at protecting your eyes from any form of strain or fatigue. This is made possible through the Blue Light Filter and the TUV certified Flicker free technology. The 25” screen has a matching resolution of 2560 x 1440, which is QuadHD.

Designers and professional photographers will find this screen to be quite useful due to lifelike visuals that are attributable to the AH-IPS panel technology. The frameless design of the monitor and the sundial base, enhance the functionality and flexibility of the screen. As such, you can easily adjust the monitor to your best angle of view.

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The AOC I2267FW has an ultra-thin bezel of 2mmm making it a true frameless screen. The quality visuals are a result of the 50 million: 1 dynamic contrast ration that runs on the Advanced High- Performance In-Plane Switching panel technology. As such you will enjoy better visuals, accurate color and consistent light transmission from all possible viewing angles.

There is an exclusive feature known as Clear Vision Function, which will convert all data from the Standard Definition to High Definition, which will result in crispier images that are vibrant and more vivid. The non-reflective matte anti-glare coating will protect the screen, and there will be no fingerprints or smudges left on the screen.

This is a Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a 5ms response time that will ensure that all motion playback is smooth. You can connect devices using the DVI-D ports and the VGA option. The stand is detachable and is quite flexible, allowing you to use the screen in portrait or landscape orientation.

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Acer R240HY bidx

Acer R Series is an IPS monitor that shows every detail in a clear and vivid manner. Irrespective of the angle that you are viewing from, the color will be consistent all through. The frameless design eliminates any boundaries when setting up video wall and the brushed hairline finish stand is ideal for any environment.

You will get detailed imagery as a result of the 100 million: 1 contrast ration and the Full HD resolution. The monitor has HDMI, VGA, and DVI inputs, allowing you to connect all your devices without any difficulties.

The Acer monitor has power saving technologies that are integrated with the display features. This is one of the best solutions for multimedia applications. The magnetic base can help you have a clean workstation since all your paper clips and pins will be held together.

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BenQ VZ2470H

The BenQ monitor has a chic design and a narrow bezel, which makes it possible to enjoy an exceptional visual performance. The E2E design and the VA panel are some of the features that are responsible for the clear imagery and multidimensional viewing angles.

The modern and sophisticated design makes this monitor have some classy elegance. The Revolution Eyes is a technology that will protect your eyes through the Zero Flicker and Low Blue Light technologies. You can work on your monitor for longer hours without straining your eyes.

This BenQ monitor has a response time of 4ms (GTG) and has 2 HDMI ports that will make it possible to connect a number of secondary devices. You will enjoy working on this screen as it enhances your viewing experience, thanks to the 178/178-degree wide viewing angles.

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ViewSonic VX2376-SMHD IPS LED Monitor

Last, but not least, is the ViewSonic VX2376-SMHD. This 23” monitor has a sleek design and a minimalist style. The IPS panel technology ensures that your viewing experience is enhanced through the ultrawide viewing angles. The edge-to-edge frameless design is supported by the desktop stand.

This is the perfect screen for all your entertainment needs since it has 1080 Full HD resolution and dual speakers that will give you adequate entertainment. This screen is a great option for all your multimedia applications.

This ViewSonic monitor has multiple connection options as it includes HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA inputs. The flicker-free technology works with the blue light filter to minimize any form of eye fatigue from extended viewing time. This monitor has an enhanced viewing comfort.

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So, there you have it; all the details about frameless monitors have been covered. This is the way to go if you do not want a limited viewing experience. There are many brands and models of the frameless monitors and you can use the screen for different functions. This article is meant to serve as a guide, and since we know that technology keeps evolving, we will do our best to keep you updated on the frameless monitors. In the meantime, we do hope this will serve as a guide and help you find the best frameless monitor. Enjoy your shopping and best of luck.