Best Gaming Monitor Under 150

Any gamer requires a good monitor so as to enjoy playing their video games. Unfortunately, most monitors that would give you the features that you would require for gaming seem to be quite costly. With this in mind, we had to do an extensive search so as to find the best gaming monitors under $150. Truth be told, it is not very easy to find a suitable monitor for this price, yet it not impossible. Irrespective of your level of play, you will need a good monitor. Whether you are a novice or have become a hardcore player, it is imperative to find a monitor that will give you a great gaming experience. The good news is that you do not have to break the bank so as to get a good gaming monitor. This is the reason we have put this article together so as to help you to find an affordable monitor that will serve the purpose. The graphics that you will see when playing any game are vital for the ultimate gaming experience. The type of graphics that you will have will depend on the quality of the monitor that you have. Although most monitors look like they are the same, certain factors like the response time and type of panel that they have will determine your gaming experience.

Benefits of Gaming Monitors Under 150

  • One of the greatest benefits is the fact that they are quite cheap and will give you the service required.
  • Most of these monitors have an ultra-thin design, which makes them ideal to carry and set up in limited space.
  • You will enjoy great clarity with these monitors and thereby make gaming quite fun.
  • Since most of them have a TN panel, they have a great response time, which is ideal for gaming purposes.
  • You will not need to get an additional stand as most of these screens will come with a sturdy base that supports the screen effectively.
  • The picture quality is amazing and some of the modern ones will give you a wide viewing angle.
  • The screens that come with an anti-glare feature will make it possible to play games for long periods without getting eye fatigue.
  • The backlight has a very wide range and this allows you to adjust it to very bright or very dim, depending on the scenes in the game.
  • Drawbacks of Gaming Monitors Under 150

    • Some of the monitors in this class have limited features. For instance, there are those that do not have a VESA mounting option.
    • The design of the stand is not firm and as such it may keep wobbling when you are playing your games.
    • The viewing angles are limited and this may cause some fatigue when you play for a long period of time. The restricted viewing angles may also inhibit fair multi-player games.
    • In some instances the response rate may be too slow and you may also suffer from a low resolution.

    Please note that these challenges are not on all monitors that are under $150; they apply to some models. This is why it is advisable to always compare different models, before settling for a particular one.

    Who Needs Gaming Monitors Under 150?

    Any avid player would want a good monitor for the purposes of playing the games. However, the fact that these monitors are referred to as gaming monitors does not mean they cannot be used for other purposes. While $150 appears to be a very low amount for a monitor, you can actually find a great monitor.You will find some that have a Full HD resolution and a 60Hx refresh rate. Most of these monitors will be between 21.5 and 24 inches and you can choose between the TN and IPS technology panels. This therefore means that the gaming monitors under 150 can be used by different professionals, besides gamers.

    Factors to Consider When Buying Gaming Monitors Under 150

    As a matter of fact, find a great gaming monitor for $150 is a daunting task. However, you will still be able to find them, since they are on the market. Many brands have emerged and a wide array of models has flooded the market, adding to the confusion. In order to find the best gaming monitor under 150, here are some key considerations:

    • Screen: Some will have a matte screen while others will come with a glossy screen. It is important to establish what type of screen you want.
    • Panel: The choice will be between TN and IPS panels. Each panel has its own pros and cons. If you want a faster response rate, go for the TN panel screen, if you need vibrant colors and wider viewing angles, then your choice should be IPS panel.
    • Size of Screen: The size of the screen is an essential factor to consider as well since most of the monitors in this category range between 21 and 24 inches.
    • Resolution: With a good research, you can find a monitor for this price that will offer a Full HD resolution.

    Top Manufacturers of Gaming Monitors Under 150

    • Acer
    • LG
    • HP
    • BenQ
    • Asus
    • AOC
    • ViewSonic
    • Dell
    • Samsung

    Review of the Best Gaming Monitors Under 150

    In as much as you may not get an out-and-out gaming monitor for this price, you will be able to find something that will be equally effective. Comprehensive gaming monitors are quite costly and may cost at least $300. However, you should not be discouraged, below are some of the best choices we found that would serve your gaming needs and cost less than $150.

    BenQ GL2460HM

    This is an LED monitor that is said to be all-rounded and can serve multiple purposes. The image quality on this monitor is exceptional and this why it might be a good choice for a gaming monitor. It is a 24-inch screen, with a 12 million: 1 dynamic ratio and an aspect ratio of 16:9. The GtG response time of 2ms will make it easier to transition between scenes.


    The HDMI connectivity provides a super-fast multimedia interface and this will make it a convenient monitor to use. The BenQ Senseye Human Vision Technology will ensure that you get true colors. The 6 proprietary techniques for calibration will give you a great choice of viewing modes. This monitor is compatible with Windows 8 and therefore you can use it for other tasks, besides gaming.The RevolutionEyes technology will allow you to play for long hours without straining your eyes. This technology enhances your vision when using this screen. You can get all these features for only $138.99 from Amazon.

    ASUS VS247H-P

    Asus VS247H-P provides a Full HD resolution, which gives you crisp images and impeccable clarity. This makes it another great monitor for gaming purposes. It has a response time of 2ms which will allow smooth motion throughout the game play, when changing scenes.


    Since the monitor is LED backlit, it conserves energy, which allows you to play for long hours, without worrying about power consumption. This LED backlit monitor will also provide you with bright luminance on all the graphics on your games. The power adapters are inbuilt, which explain the slim profile as well as the space saving design. You will enjoy clear and defined images, even those that are in dark colors, thanks to the 50 million: 1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio.The Splendid Video Intelligence Technology will help preset the images depending on your preference in a speedy manner. The advanced connectivity options like HDMI, VGA and DVI. The Smart View Technology will adjust the colors accordingly and ensure that you get the same image quality from different viewing angles. This monitor will only cost you $129.99 and you can enjoy playing your games.

    Acer R240HY

    The Acer R249HY has the IPS display technology, which will ensure that you are able to see all details clearly. This technology will allow you to view the screen from various angles and the color reproduction is consistent. It is one of the best gaming monitors, especially for multiple players.


    The frameless design is quite appealing and does not hinder your visuals. It comes with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 100 million: 1 contrast ratio. With such features, you are assured of vivid graphics, even when using multiple screens. You can connect your gaming console through the DVI, VGA or HDMI inputs that the screen has. You will have a widescreen with a viewing space of 23.8 inches. When you are playing your games, the motion will be seamless since it has a response time of 4ms.Unfortunately, this monitor does not have a built-in mount and therefore you would need to find a stand for the screen. The monitor is currently available on Amazon at a price of $118.99.

    HP Pavilion

    HP is a renowned brand and as such, you can never go wrong with a HP monitor. If you are looking for a monitor with the right gaming specs at an incredibly low price, then this is the right bet for you.

    The 21.5-inch monitor offers a Full HD diagonal display on its sleek and ergonomic design. There is no bezel that surrounds the display area and this will offer you an ultra-wide display. If you are the game addicts that spend hour and hours on the screen, this monitor will serve the purpose. It has an anti-glare treatment that will reduce the amount of light that strikes your eyes.The HP Enhance+ is an advanced feature that will filter the noise and ensure that your images are vivid and crisper. Underneath the display area, you will get a convenient screen menu and power control. This will give you an easier access to all the features. This ENERGY STAR certified monitor goes for only $99.99

    .Samsung S24E310HL

    Samsung is among the giants in the entertainment industry and this monitor proves this, without a doubt. The S24E310HL uses the Magic Upscale Technology to provide you with excellent picture quality and graphics. The Eco Saving feature, on the other hand, ensures that you will not end up paying so much for the energy consumption; it will control the power consumed by this monitor.

    This is one of the affordable monitors that have been able to integrate style and functionality into one, at a very low price. The Game Mode is specifically designed for those who are looking for an amazing gaming experience. You will get a wide viewing panel of 178 degrees vertically and horizontally. You can get a great view of the screen from any angle that you may prefer.The Eye Saver Mode will enhance your comfort when using the screen and reduce chances of eye fatigue. You will reduce flicker and the blue light emission with a single touch and this will allow you to sit in front of the monitor playing games for longer hours, without eyestrain. Surprisingly, this monitor costs only $129.99, on Amazon.

    Dell E2416HM G0RH1

    In as much as the Dell E2416HM is designed for professional work, we found it to be a great monitor for gamers as well. The 23.8-inch screen on Full HD display, will certainly meet the needs of any games.

    You will play all your games and perform other tasks using this monitor, comfortably. This is because it comes with a feature known as ComfortView, which will reduce the flickering on the screen and the emission of the blue light. The IPS technology panel will guarantee a great view from any angle that you may prefer since it has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically.The monitor is quite versatile and flexible since it provides various mounting options. All controls are conveniently placed on the front panel of the monitor. This will make it easier to adjust contrast, brightness and other essential features. You can tilt the monitor 5” forward or 21 inches backward, to your comfort level. This monitor will only cost you $119, on Amazon.


    Clearly, if you have a budget of less than $150, you will find a great monitor to serve all your gaming needs. As you have seen most of the monitors that we have reviewed above have great features that will provide you with great graphics. For advanced gaming features, you may need to look for monitors that are above this price range.As long as you are sure of what you need, you will certainly find the best gaming monitor under 150. You will get all the functions that other costly monitors have to offer, without spending your lifetime savings. Take time and compare the various models available and you will definitely find something in this budget range.