Best Touch-Screen Monitor

In the past, touch screen monitors were only seen in movies and never appeared to be real. However, they have become common in most offices as well as homes. For most people the convenience of a touch screen is amazing. With a touch screen monitor, you will no longer have to worry about a mouse or a keyboard, when you need to use your computer. The smartphones and tablets have made most people come to terms with the efficiency of touch screens. So the question is which would be the best touch screen monitor?

Common Touch Screen Monitors

There are different types and models of touch screen monitors on the market. Generally, all touch screen monitors fall under these 3 categories:

  1. HD Monitors: These refer to High Definition monitors, which are designed with the objective of providing the best picture quality.
  2. LCD: These are the Liquid-crystal display monitors. The LCD monitors usually generate a sharp image quality and they are generally slim screens.


Touch screen monitors have become the latest sensation for obvious reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of these monitors.

  • All the icons and buttons are clear on the screen and as such, it is very easy to use a touch screen monitor. Touch screens are usually intuitive when being used, which is a great advantage.
  • You will execute tasks in a speedy manner. You will not waste any time trying to find when the cursor or the keyboard is. You will be able to select an item on the screen with a single tap.
  • When you use touch screen monitors, you are able to interact with any device directly. You do not need any additional tools or accessories to operate your computer. The touch screen monitors have an enhanced interface.
  • With a touch screen monitor, the margin of error is minimal. As such, you will reduce the average time for any task and this will enhance productivity.
  • Your touch screen monitor will be fully equipped and as such you will create more space on your desk. You so not need a keyboard or a mouse when you purchase a touch screen monitor.
  • Touch screen monitors are made from hard-coated glasses, which make them durable. They also have different protective features and as such they are a worthwhile investment.


  • Without the keyboard or mouse, you will have to stretch your arm every time you need to use the screen. This will cause strain to your muscles, especially the shoulder area.
  • On most touch screen monitors, you can only use one finger since they do not support multi-touch. This means you cannot do certain things that require holding and dragging, like make a select box.
  • Most of the touch screen monitors are quite fragile and when the screen cracks, you can hardly get anything done with the screen.
  • Anytime you are using the screen under direct sunlight, you cannot read anything on the screen
  • The touch screen gets dirty pretty fast since they have to be touched every other minute.
  • Touch screen monitors are quite expensive in comparison to other types of screens.

Who needs one?

A good number of people find touch screen monitors to be ideal for their type of work. When you have a touch screen monitor, you will be able to interact with your PC in a much faster way, since the screen is intuitive. This is what makes the touch screen monitors suitable for those who often have presentations to make. However, people like graphic designers, photo editors and gamers may find the touch screen monitors limiting. This is due to the fact that most of their operations in their professions heavily rely on the use of keyboards and mouse. Using a single finger or even a stylus pen to navigate the touch screen will suit people who want to present data and intend to browse through various windows.

Features to Consider

Screen Functionality: Always find a touch screen monitor that has smooth motion when you swipe across the screen. This is what will determine the flexibility to perform various tasks using your PC, which fully relies on the touch screen monitor.

Display Technology: You have the choice of LCD or LED display when it comes to touch screen monitors. Most experts recommend the LED panels since they are quite clear and offer precise image quality. However, you need to note that they are more expensive than LCD panels.

Size of Screen: You should bear in mind the type of tasks that you will be performing using the touch screen monitor. This will influence the size of the screen that you should get. You do not want a screen that will end up being too small or too big.

High Definition: Consider buying a touch screen monitor that has a high definition display. This will provide you with high quality images that are lifelike. HD technology can be integrated in both LED and LCD screen and this is ideal for interactive images, videos and so on.

Top Touch Screen Monitors

  • Dell
  • Acer
  • HP
  • Planar
  • Lenovo
  • AOC
  • ASUS
  • LG
  • ViewSonic


Just like the ordinary monitor for your PC, there are so many brands and models of the touch screen monitors. We are committed to ensuring that you find the best touch screen monitor that will suit your needs. Here is a review of some of the best models that we found on the market. This should help you in getting a feel of what you expect from various touch screen monitors.

Acer T232HL

This is one of the touch screen monitors on the Acer T-Series LCD. It comes with a 10-point multi-touch technology and a 23” edge-to-edge glass. It is compatible with the Windows 8.1 touch features, which will allow you to navigate through web pages, play games, paint and scroll through images. The Full HD resolution is spectacular and has a contrast ratio of 100 million: 1, supported by a response time of 5ms. The advanced technology of this touch screen will allow you to connect your devices through HDMI, which guarantees you stellar display with 1920x 1080 display resolution. The screen has a unique floating design and as such, it will perfectly in any room, mounted on a stand or hanging on a wall. You will get the best experience, whether you use the screen for home entertainment or professional work in the office. The screen has an intuitive interface and is quite flexible. You can tilt it from 8 to 6 degrees so that you can use the monitor at a comfortable angle.


The ASUS VT207N is a 19.5” touch screen monitor, which offers an impressive image quality. This is attributable to the HD 1600 x 900 resolution and the 100 million: 1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio. The screen has a fast response time of 5ms and allows you to choose your preferred ration, depending on the task at hand. You can choose between the 4:3 and the 16:9 through the Aspect ratio control feature. The VT207N will give you an incredible user experience since the interface and the input are fully intuitive. This is also supported by the 10-point touch screen feature on this monitor. All the features of this monitor ensure that you will always get stunning visuals on the widescreen. The ASUS QuickFit Virtual Scale and Splendid Video Intelligence technologies are exclusive to this monitor and are also aimed at enhancing the image quality generated by this monitor. The circular base of the monitor gives it the stability that it requires and it also comes with VESA wall mount option. You can connect your devices through various peripherals including DVI-D, USB and VGA.

Planar Helium PCT2785

Planar Helium is a multi-touch screen monitor with an edge-to-edge glass. This provides a wide viewing angle and the built-in HD webcam is a great feature for most users. The sleek design makes it easy to adjust he monitor and you can easily have it in your office or even at home, for entertainment purposes. With the user-friendly stand, you can easily control the monitor, which is optimized for Windows 7 and 8 all-new touch interfaces. There is a choice between the 24” and the 27” touch screen monitors, both of which have a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Generally, the screen is easy to use and has up to 10 different touch points. You can choose to use the monitor in landscape or portrait orientation. The glass surface is smooth and this makes swiping easy. There is an inbuilt microphone within the screen, and this means you can use it for video chats. The profile is ultra-thin and only goes less than 2 inches deep. You can connect your devices through analog, DisplayPort or HDMI inputs. It is compatible with the VESA standard mounting options.

ViewSonic TD2220

The ViewSonic TD2220 touch screen monitor is a Full HD LED monitor with the multi-touch features. The monitor has 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 20 million: 1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast ratio, which is the reason why it will generate sharp images. The screen comes with integrated speakers which will make it possible for you to play audio and video files without attaching external speakers. The sound quality is exceptional since it has SRS Premium Sound. It has a VESA mountable design and allows you to connect devices through VGA and VGA video inputs. The Eco-mode will save you up to 40% of energy, when using the screen. The eco-mode will reduce the brightness of the screen, which will save you from eye fatigue. TD2220 supports the USB HID Touch driver and works with Windows 8. The dual-point touch will make the screen recognize two simultaneous touches; you can use two fingers to rotate, zoom and perform other finger gestures. This is an ideal monitor for personal as well as commercial applications. It is backed up by a 3-year limited warranty.

Dell S2240T

This is a 21.5” touch screen monitor and provides unmatched viewing experience and convenience. This has been rated as one of the monitors that are easy to use due to the numerous features that it has to offer and its flexibility. The Dell S2240T is a Full HD monitor, which gives you remarkable clarity on all the images that you may want to view. It comes with a practical design and as such it can be used by different professionals as well as students. The clarity of the screen is backed up by a 10-point touch feature. The ergonomic stand will make it easier to use the screen as you can slide it in any direction so as to use it. You can also tilt the screen up to 60 degrees so as to achieve a natural and comfort level to touch the screen. If you want to use this monitor, you can use the VESA feature to mount it to the wall or even attach it to a Dell monitor stand. It has integrated connectivity and this allows you to connect your devices through DVI, VGA and HDMI ports.

LG 23ET83V-W

The LG touch screen monitor is highly responsive and comes with 10-point touch functionality. The intuitive interface will allow you to drag, flick and freely rotate any item on the screen, in the same manner you would do with a mobile device. This LED screen has amazing technology, which provides brightness, color detail and great clarity. This is one of the touch screen monitors, which support IPS technology, through its Super in Plane Switching panel. This eliminates ghosting and blurring effects and also allows you to view the images from any angle that you may prefer. The full high definition 1080p guarantees you superior picture quality, which cannot be compared to the image quality in standard HD. The 10 million: 1 Dynamic contrast ratio will deliver true color of any image on the screen. You will enjoy darker and deeper blacks, which can be ideal for photo editing or graphic design works.


Touch screen monitors are certainly the way to go for most people. Newer and advanced models will keep knocking at your door and the choice of the best touch screen monitor might be overwhelming. However, if you would follow this guide, we believe that you can make an informed decision on the right touch screen monitor. Compare various models and have a budget in mind when you go shopping for touch screen monitors. We will do our best to keep updating the list with the models that are top rated.