Best Monitor for Video Editing. Which Monitor is the Best

While researching the best video editing monitors, we came to learn just how much of an impact the monitor you use have on your editing capabilities. Video editing is one of the most essential aspects of the film industry. This is a combination of different scenes in an artistic and creative manner to develop and … Read more

HP 27ER 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor Review

The HP 27ER IPS Led backlit monitor is a great budget-friendly monitor and has a sleek design appeal to it. In this review, we will go beyond its design and functionality to decide if this may be the right monitor for you. No Bezel There is a bezel-less display on this monitor which gives you … Read more

Best Monitor for Portrait Mode

A lot of people these days are using more than one monitor. Sometimes you will have a laptop connected to an external monitor or you might have a PC with two or three or more monitors. I personally use one of my external monitors in portrait mode instead of landscape, and it is useful when … Read more

Best PLS Monitor | Improved IPS Panel Technology

While an average person thinks that all monitors are the same, besides the resolution and size, there are so many other intricate details that make up a monitor. In the modern models, details like the color reproduction, response time, viewing angles and input lag are the differentiating factors for monitors. The PLS monitor is made … Read more

Best Graphics Card for 300 watt Power Supply

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Best TV for Conference Room Monitor

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Dell SE2416H LED-Lit Monitor Review

The Dell DE2416H is a 24-inch screen monitor that is very affordable. We will review its features and decipher whether this monitor is a good choice. Affordability This in large part is a very affordable monitor because it was mass-produced by Dell to sell to the average consumer. The MSRP is around $120. Viewing Experience … Read more

Best Monitor for Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

There are many computers monitors available on the market today suited for counter strike global offensive. Refresh rate, pixel pitch, and frames per second are some things that you must consider when assessing the best monitor for CS: GO. What is Counter Strike: Global Offensive? Counter strike global offensive is a game that is team … Read more

Best Monitor Arm for Ultrawide 34-inch Displays

Monitor arms are a great way great way to adjust the positioning of a monitor when the tilt feature on the stand just doesn’t cut it. They are also the best way to clear the clutter of wires and a space saver because you don’t need to rely on a stand anymore. Most modern monitors … Read more

How to Fix Monitor Ghosting

Monitor ghosting is an effect on an LCD flat panel display that occurs when a “ghost” image which was previously displayed continues to remain on screen even though part of the visual has changed. It is caused by smearing or blurring of the pixels. Ghosting happens because of slow response time and the monitor’s inability … Read more